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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Thereís a new guy at work. A cute, single guy. JW is ecstatic. She started referring to him as Golden Eagle so that she could talk to me about him and ďno one would know who weíre talking about.Ē (Right.) We (we being JW, myself, Annalisa, and Princess) have begun a covert operation we dubbed Operation Golden Eagle. The goal is hooking JW up with the new guy. Thereís another new guy, but heís short & married, so eh. No interest there. Annalisa, Princess and I are supposed to find everything out about him that we can and then report back to JW. We also coach her on chilling out, and what she should say, etc. It is like the high school experience I never had. JW, bless her heart, is not a particularly smooth or chill flirt.

When Keith introduced Golden Eagle to me he really obviously did a ring check! It was so obvious. I was thinking about this later. About what it would be like if I was single and a cute single guy started working at my office. My primary response: relief. Which surprised me. I was relieved that Iím not in that anymore. Itís so nice to have my husband there for me, to come home to, to chill with, and be completely dorky with, and get down with. I mean, sure being single is exciting, and usually very fun. But I think about being single, and it makes me tired. This response pleased me. It means that I now view the advantages of being married as better, more numerous, etc. than the advantages of being single. When I got married it was about 50-50. Ha ha I had to get used to being married. Now I am in the thick of it, and loving it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Lipstick Jihad by Azadeh Moaveni....................B+
Fascinating look at everyday life in Iran, pre-ďaxis of evil.Ē I especially enjoyed her chapter on the veil and the effect it had upon women in Iran. Very incisive analysis of American vs. Iranian ideals & values. I wish that she had discussed gender relations more; she was most interested in politics, reform, the revolution.

Problems: Moaveni comes from a wealthy, secular family. This has apparently rendered her incapable of understanding how a person can truly believe in a religion, how a personís religion can profoundly and meaningfully affect a personís worldview. She portrays Iran as a country in the grips of a very few fundamentalist clerics, populated by closet secularists just waiting for their chance to shed pesky Islam. This I highly doubt. I noticed this same problem with religion in Carl Saganís Contact. He tried to write a religious character, the preacher Palmer Joss, who was totally flat and unconvincing. I feel this is because Sagan did not really believe that a person could be intelligent and religious. Moaveni has a similar issue. She cannot fathom that people would actually believe in Islam, would truly believe that Mohammed is a prophet. In Iran, she hangs out with journalists and corrupt clerics who shed their veils and grab beers as soon as they are out of the country. Perhaps if she had done something really brave, like mingle with the middle class, she would have found people devoted to Islam yet still unhappy with the anarchy of the country. People who view the veil as something other than repressive and the cause of constant bad hair days.

Now, I am just joshing when I mock Moaveniís bravery. Some of her experiences are horrifying. I have great respect for someone who voluntarily moves from California to a third-world country to confront head-on her questions about her ethnicity and cultural history. I just think she is young and doesnít even realize she has this religion perception issue. Someone on Amazon said she is wise beyond her years, and that makes me laugh out loud. No, sorry, she is not. Someone is confusing intelligence with maturity. Silly, silly. She is very intelligent. Her analysis is often razor-sharp and insightful. Is she mature? Not particularly. She tattles to her daddy when an auntie is mean, she hangs out with her teenaged cousin because adult Iranian women are ďmeanĒ to her.

Criticisms aside, I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. It made me think about things from a new perspective, especially Americaís actions in the Middle East, and I love being made to do that.

As a postscript, towards the end of the book Moaveni complains bitterly about casual American prejudice against Islam. Which, by the way, she doesnít even believe in. This I found incredibly hard to stomach, because earlier in the book she portrays Mormon women as cultish. She asks in the last chapter, anguish in her words, (paraphrasing) What other religion can you slander so completely and get away with it? The answer, Miss Moaveni, is apparently Mormonism. I might take you a little more seriously if you shed the religious hypocrisy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Yesterday was the worst Monday in recent history. My co-worker MH, who happens to be my visiting teacher, attempted to stab me in the back by leaving a scathing note about my supposed inabilities on the office calendar database, knowing that not only would my boss see it, but also anyone who happened to check the calendar. Fortunately I intercepted it before Kevin even arrived yesterday. I have no idea who else saw it; I know my friend Rachel did because she commiserated with me about it later that day. Now, Kevinís BS radar is pretty finely tuned (it has to be, for where we work), but the fact that she even tried to pull that is what really torques me. Itís kind of like some chick trying to flirt with your husband. It pisses you off - not because you think he will flirt back, but because the chick has the gall to try. Which I SO suspect she did Saturday. That doesnít really bother me though, because dh summed up his opinion of her in one word: hoochie. I couldnít have said it better, dh.

When I talked to her about the note in the calendar, she brushed it off, and I couldnít really get into it because there was another girl in the room, and the phones were ringing like crazy (MH is one of the receptionists). I think I will bring it up to her again Wednesday. I hate having to do this kind of crap, because I do not like confrontations (just ask my old roommates...erm, but not my husband ha ha). I will suck up a lot of crap before I will start a fight or get in someoneís face. But I have taken enough crap from this brat. I have had it up to here. This has been going on for way too long, and frankly I am letting myself be bullied by her.

All day at work I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, because I had two emergency cases to prepare, and Kevin was just back from his week-long conference in San Diego, and then of course it was Monday so every client and his brother had to call in and interrupt me every five minutes.

Then on the way home everyone was driving like complete idiots, and I almost hit some guy because I didnít check my blind spot while changing lanes, so I guess that would make me driving like a complete idiot as well. And the turn signal light didnít turn green for two rounds, like it couldnít sense my car, and by that point I was ready to cry.

When I arrived home, dh was nowhere to be found. I called the Relief Society President, who upon a brief explanation quickly agreed to assign me a different visiting teacher. Dh had gone fishing that afternoon, but upon arriving home was very sympathetic to my plight. In fact, his response was, ďDo you want me to make her cry?Ē which was cute, if a little unrighteous. I thanked him for his offer, but declined. Then we went to see ďThe Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy,Ē which I enjoyed more than he, since Iíve read the book and am better at ďgettingĒ British humor.

Today I am home sick with a sore throat and croaky voice. And my birthday was last Thursday. Woo-hoo for me! Dh took me out for Indian Thursday, then my friends took me out for Mexican Friday. And JW got me a shirt that reads, "Anthropologists do it in the dirt," which now that I have I am too embarrassed to actually wear anywhere. Ha ha

Thursday, April 28, 2005
You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

The very first book he saves. I donít remember what itís called. It starts to get a little crispy, but then he saves it.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Let me get back to you on this one. I canít think of any off the top of my head.

The last book you bought was...

French Women Donít Get Fat I had a coupon for Borders. The Magical Leek Soup is really kind of nast. Iím not big on buying books. I pay $60.00 a year to use the public library (I live outside of the district) and I get much more than my 60 bucks worth. I am there about once a week. And beautiful library that it is, it has an online catalog and request system that I use extensively. They email me when my books come in, and I use the self check-out, Iíve got it down to a science and get in and out in 4 minutes. Yeah, Iím that good.

What are you currently reading?

Lipstick Jihad by Azadeh Moaveni A very interesting read so far

Knitting: A Novel by Anne Bartlett

The Two Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi A little liberal for my taste, but what are you going to do?

The Prophetic Book of Mormon by Our Friend Hugh Nibley (shout out, Sister Esty!)

Five books you would take to a deserted island:

1984 by George Orwell because itís my favorite book ever

The Book of Mormon because I read my scriptures before I go to bed, and I would do that even if I lived in a shanty I made myself on an island

Some Hugh Nibley book so my brain would not atrophy

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo I only made it halfway through this book (yeah, that would be somewhere in the 600s) before giving up, but I figure if Iím on a deserted island, itís not like I have something else to do once I am done harvesting coconuts, so I would finally finish it

The Oregon Revised Statutes so that I could pass the bar without law school once I got rescued.

Just kidding about that last one, but I couldnít think of a fifth book.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Today was significantly better than yesterday. Started with a joke from Ruth Ann. She took the online quiz I emailed her - "What Nail Polish Color Are You?" Huzzah! I think she's like 50. Ha ha No rude clients, just CD calling 5-6 times, but she goes to voicemail like a good girl. JW and I went to lunch together (of course), and good times were had by all. Especially when she showed me the drink menu and asked what a "Dye-query" was. I laughed for 4 minutes straight, while she made her signature "I just said something retarded, but stop laughing at me, you meanie" face. This afternoon, K was bratty (of course) and I had to threaten to throw his glasses at him.

Sister B left me a message because she wanted to be sure that I heard it first from her - Britney Spears is pregnant. Ha ha Sister B takes me to a whole 'nother place.

So D told Rainbow that he spilled his guts to me Friday. But I made sure she knows that I understand that there is her side, and his side, and somewhere in between is the truth. I just hope he doesn't really think that I can do anything to help him. And I hope he gets that if push comes to shove, I'm with Rainbow. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Actually, I'm not even sorry about that. Rainbow and I are super tight, so why would I side with D, who is prone to saying inappropriate things to me and making me feel rather uncomfortable? Why would I side with D, who I often tolerate only because Rainbow loves him? Yeah.

Speaking of a guy spilling his guts to me, I've noticed a real trend. All of Dh's brothers, and I mean ALL, tell me personal things that I know and/or suspect they would never tell Dh. They really open up to me. My brother P's the same way. I have a theory, and I'm opening it to the floor. Guys hang out with guys to do things, but when they are going through shiz and need emotional support, they turn to girls. Every guy I know between the ages of 17 and 40 that I am more than acquaintances with (which is really just about 9 or 10 guys) comes to me with some regularity and unburdens his soul. I get to see the vulnerable, sensitive side of all these guys, and it's kind of sweet. What's tough is remembering that while I am their emotional support, they are not mine. That's what Rainbow, JW, and other girl friends are for. I know Rainbow and JW will listen carefully to a detailed analysis of an event, while any of the above-referenced guys will have zoned out long ago. So that is kind of annoying, because I feel (accurately) that the support is one-sided. But it's just so darn cute when guys do the opening-up thing, that I fall into that role again and again. And I am not a girl who likes the baggage-boys, you can ask anyone (especially JW). I do not feel the need to save boys, and do not find angsty depressives attractive. I just enjoy being reminded (and surprised) that boys are vulnerable and sensitive. I like seeing the skinny little 10-year-olds underneath all the big tough guys around.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
I was feeling so down yesterday after work. Crappy Monday, long day, moody due to PMS I think. Marilee called and Dh talked to her for a while as I celebrated a personal pity party. But then when I talked to her, it really cheered me up. She's getting married next month to Chicago Boy!! Yay! He's getting baptized in like a week or two. It seemed fast to me, until I realized that they've actually been dating for 8 months. Time flies I guess. I told her about my drama and like a good friend she was right there with me. It really helped me feel a lot better. Well that and the comfort sex from dh later that night! Ha ha

Wednesday, April 6, 2005
JW came over last night and gave me a fabulous massage. Oh man, it was SOOOO nice. Then we watched the Clean Flicks of "Closer" which sucked, just so all y'all know. Then we looked up on and read why Closer was rated R. Holy crap am I glad we watched the Clean Flicks. Not that I would have watched the other, but it seemed to have a ton of crap. Plus the edited movie was like an hour twenty minutes, so you know they cut all kinds of crap out. Ha ha The end result of all this excitement was I went to bed at 1 a.m. for the third night in a row. This has got to stop. I am joining the living dead with three nights of only 6 hours of sleep.

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to Kevin. Keith walked up and said, "I think I have the ebola virus," to which I responded, "That would explain the large bruises all over your torso." He said, "What are you looking at my torso for? Are you gay?" Kevin and I just stared at him for a few moments, and then I slowly said, "Are you trying to tell us you're a woman?" Kevin and I laughed, and Keith said whinily, "I'm really tired." I'm laughing right now just typing that. He must have been VERY tired. Poor Keith. He's very misunderstood around here. His paralegal hates him and thinks he's always being mean to her. She's not all wrong, she just doesn't understand Keith. He is the kind of guy who will respect you if you get that when he says rude things, you are just supposed to fling the crap back, not get all offended. Like he said something rude to me once and I told him to bite me. It just kind of popped out and I was momentarily worried that I had crossed the line, but then he busted up laughing. That's how you have to be with Keith. A complete brat.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Dh bought the sweetest motorcycle about a week and a half ago. It's midnight blue, with bright shiny chrome and is so COOL!!! I have only been on one ride so far, because it's been raining (and about time - the sun was nice, but so bad for us!!! the rain feels much more normal in March). My helmet should arrive any day, and we are going to order my chaps soon! Woo-hoo! Then I'll be a real biker chick! Dh found a jacket that I might like, tomorrow I'm going to go check it out.

In other happy news, my level is almost back down to where it needs to be!! Yay! I'm thinking that when I go in to give blood this week, it will be down enough. After the blessing Dh gave me at his parents' house, I'm looking forward to the future. In fact, when the nurse told me my most recent level, I was surprised at how excited I felt. Which is cool.

Totally good movie (Clean Screen version, that is):
Life as a House. Loved it. It moved me more than any film has in a very long time.
Totally good book:
Little Earthquakes. Not to be confused with the Tori Amos album by the same name. Ha ha But probably really a book for married chicks. If I'd read it while single, I would have been like, "Lame!"
Book I do not recommend under any circumstances:
Bookends. Now that book is lame. Completely average chick lit with annoying PC AIDS section.
Now, it's back to work for me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Okay, it wasnít really the nicest thing to just drop that bomb yesterday. I just didnít want to talk about it. But every day Iím feeling better, so today I will. A little. At the ultrasound on Thursday, the nurse practitioner could tell there was a problem. Heck, I could tell there was a problem. Nice size uterus, tiny tiny tiny baby. She didnít even think it was 50/50. Luckily I had asked dh to come with, which is really fortunate. Because I broke down the second she walked out of the room. They took blood that day, and then I went in again on Saturday. Monday I was to call in to see if my hormone levels were dropping (bad) or doubling (good). I started thinking about it, and I realized that I hadnít had morning sickness in a while, just a complete lack of appetite. My gut said the news would not be good. Dh was great, he called work, spoke with JW and told her to tell everyone I was having a family emergency. I was in no shape to go to work that day. He also called my mother and his mother, which I am so grateful for, because Thursday I just didnít want to talk to anyone. I did tell R about it when she called that afternoon. JW, R & I still went out that night, I needed it, to take my mind off it, otherwise I would have been at home alone, brooding. Dh, R, JW & my mom have really pulled me through this and offered wonderful support that I really needed!!

Anyway, Monday I didnít want to call from work, so I went to Sister Bís. She was floored. But then, talking to the nurse, I was totally calm. It was better to know for sure. Thursday and Friday were rough, Sunday was too a little (kinda tough in Sacrament, because everyone in my ward is reproducing like rabbits), but every day I feel better. Now Iím kind of feeling, okay letís get this show on the road. The NP said it shouldnít take longer than a couple of weeks for my body to just flush everything out. I am to go in to get blood drawn every week so they can monitor my levels. Then once a certain pregnancy hormone is really low again, it will be safe to try again. Which is obviously what I intend to do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005
I'm not pregnant anymore. I found out on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Iím feeling a lot better. Still hacking in a nasty manner, but the sore throat is basically gone.

Heath noticed I have a little bump last night! He seemed to think that was really cool, like makes it more real (as indeed it does for me). All my pants still fit. My measuring jeans are even looser than the last time I wore them, so that can only mean that any weight I gained in February was lost in the marathon illness last week. Eh bien, what are you going to do? What to Expect said itís no big deal to not gain weight the first trimester. So Iím not worried. And I can feel weird stretching going on in there, the parts that have never really been used, suddenly growing and moving, and theyíre creaking like they need some grease.

R, JW & I are having a girlsí night out Thursday. Woo-hoo! Of course, we have to go to Applebeeís because R is back on Weight Watchers, but thatís okay. Iíll just get the mashed potatoes. Then Iím not sure what we are doing after dinner, but it should be fun.

Thursday morning is my first prenatal. Iím really excited. This morning I had a wonderful waking vision (in the bathroom, the only place I can get any peace at work!!) of the nurse examining me, and exclaiming, ďYouíre not 9 weeks, youíre 12 weeks!Ē And that my due date will miraculously move forward from October to September. Ha ha Weíll see. Iím really hoping that I will be getting an ultrasound, because I would love love love to see the babyís heartbeat, but I canít call to ask because Iím always here at cursed work, and no one can know yet. And believe me, if anyone here at work heard me say, ďWill there be an ultrasound?Ē the rumors would FLY. Everyone eavesdrops. Itís not a secret.

I canít think of anything else going on. DH & I had a lovely night last night. Mmm yum for being married. JW is really stressed and freaking out because her very dear friend is like two nanoseconds away from dying. I really like that song by Louis XIV, ďFinding Out True Love is Blind,Ē even though itís completely offensive, immoral, and overtly sexual. It just puts me in a nice summer mood.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Okay, Iím just going to whine for a little bit. Iím sick and I feel awful. Horrible, loud, painful cough. Achiness. Stuffy nose. But mostly the painful cough. Yesterday I worked until almost 2 pm, went home early. Rested, read, took a nap. Started watching Alien Vs Predator. Ate a laughable dinner of two little applesauce containers and a third of a bag of popcorn. Halfway through the movie, I sicked up everything I had eaten. I donít know if that was from this flu, or if it was morning sickness. Either way, completely unpleasant, as I really REALLY hate vomiting. I actually got lots of little red dots all around my eyes, like damaged capillaries, from the puking. And I canít take any medicine, because all those cough medicines are bad for the baby. *whimper...feel bad for me*

Alright whining over. The baby is now a fetus, no longer an embryo. Yay! It has little arms and legs and is kicking around (not that I can feel it). I think I am starting to show just the very tiniest bit. Though that could be a combination of my nearly constant indigestion and wishful thinking! Ha ha A plus side to the flu -- since, the dinner debacle, morning sickness has been non-existent. Illness aside, most food often seems completely gross, leaving me eating things like beef jerky and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes are actually pretty funny - had a complete craving for them a couple of weeks ago, which was satisfied by dining at Marie Callendarís for lunch. This past Saturday, when my in-laws were here (more on that in a bit), we went to Applebees. I got the three course thing, with the Fiesta Lime Chicken, because it looked good on the menu. Well, when it actually arrived it looked disgusting. It just tasted weird to me. I ate like 6 bites (which are 3 anyone-else bites). Instead, I ate almost all of Hís mashed potatoes, and even ordered a to-go portion of them. Man, they really hit the spot later that night!

Hís brother Blake made it to the State Wrestling Tournament, which was in our town this year. Hís dad Greg is one of the assistant wrestling coaches, so he came as well. Then Sandy and Trevor decided to come out as well. Sandy & Trevor stayed with us Wednesday night - Tuesday morning. Greg stayed on after Blake and the other wrestlers went home, staying at our house Saturday night - Tuesday morning. Our house was packed to the rafters! We had to leave the heat on at night, because we didnít have enough blankets for all of them to stay warm at 64 degrees, where I like to set it. But it was really fun. Sandy and I had a great time increasing our bond. I taught them all Bones, which was a HUGE hit. Iím serious, we played it every night. They talked about buying dice on the way home so that they can still play it at their house!

Unfortunately, Blake only won one match at State, so he didnít place. Monday Greg, Sandy, Trevor, H & I went to the coast. It was really fun. We went to the Aquarium which was cool as always. I think Greg Sandy & Trevor really enjoyed it as well. We ate at the Pelican, yum yum yum! That is where to get the best clam chowder. Forget Moís. I got rather severe motion sickness both up and back. H called the medical advice line for me, and they said ixnay on any motion sickness medicine. Drats. So instead we just pulled over for a while so that the nausea could fade.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
My in-laws are coming in sometime tonight. When I talked to Sandy, she seemed kind of odd. Seemed not her usual cheerful yet sarcastic self. But it was 9 pm on a Tuesday, so maybe she was just tired and feeling a little sick. Sheís got a bit of a cold.

Travis is getting married in June. To not the missionary. Greg is so mad he wonít even talk about it. Everyone really liked the missionary. Who I think has at least 9 months left in the field.

Today, for maybe the first time, I was right and the trusteeís office was wrong. Too bad my boss wasnít here to see my genius. I will be sad to leave this job. Itís challenging and often fun. And my clients arenít so bad, most of them.

H is addicted to Alias. I watch it with him every now and then, but I am not addicted. I would rather play a mindless computer game.

I tried to watch First Daughter the other day. Even in my hormonal state, it was lame. I couldnít finish it.

Sister B calls every day and it goes to the answering machine. She is driving me nuts. I thought I would be able to gently train her to only call every few days. It has not worked. Sometimes she calls twice a day. I really hate confrontation with friends though. I will do almost anything to avoid it. Any suggestions?

Last night was the worst nausea I have had since this whole thing started. It was bad enough that I went to the toilet in horrified anticipation. Nothing. So I decided to just go to bed and sleep through the agony. Worked like a charm. Today I have had little to no nausea.

Last night for dinner I had meat ravioli. Ground beef is quickly becoming something I canít eat. First the meatballs, now this ravioli. Even the smell of meatballs now sends me off into waves of morning sickness. Dang it! Well, itís not like ground beef is really the best thing to eat...ha ha.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Since KT asked so nicely....

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:
Approximately 500. That is on my home computer, and it is mostly tracks downloaded from CDs, but also some that we have bought and downloaded from At work I just play CDs.

2. The last CD you bought was:
ďElephantĒ by The White Stripes. This CD came out last year, but I only just bought it a couple of months ago. I donít buy CDs that often. Seems like mostly crap is around right now. However, regarding The White Stripes, you can tell the Whites have breathed sixties rock their entire lives. When I listen to this CD, I feel like I am listening to one of my dadís old records up in my bedroom in NY.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
"To Your Love" by Fiona Apple. I put the CD in yesterday afternoon in an attempt to mask my co-workerís loud, lame easy listening station (it sort of worked). Now I am too lazy to change it.

4. Write down 5 songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:
I canít keep it to 5, sorry.

"Superhero Girl" by Eve 6. This is my theme song. It makes me feel really hot. But now I feel guilty listening to it, because it has the F word twice, and I feel like the baby can hear that and is being corrupted in the womb.

ďDock of the BayĒ by Otis Redding. This song soothes me more than an hour of meditation.

ďMissing the WarĒ by Ben Folds Five. This song makes me want to cry, it is so freaking beautiful.

ďExit Music (For a Film)Ē by Radiohead. This is my quintessential F-you song. We hope that you choke.

ďRocky Mountain HighĒ by John Denver. Family vacations usually consisted of us piling into our car and driving across the country to family reunions in the West. My father always played John Denver while driving through the Rockies. ďGrandmaís Feather Bed,Ē ďCountry Roads,Ē the whole bit. I love them all, but this song is the most beautiful of Denverís, I feel. It makes me smile, and it brings back awesome memories.

"Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams. Because it is the best dance song of all time. ďCrazy In LoveĒ by Beyonce is a close second, I donít care what any of all yíall say. My hips tell me when a dance song is good!

Saturday, February 5, 2005
Today has been wonderfully lazy. I laid in bed finishing The Princess Diaries until almost 2. The book is like 5 zillion times better than the movie. I cannot emphasize that enough. Just about the only constructive thing I have done all day is three loads of laundry, which is all the laundry, even the bedsheets. I love having two people in my household.

H and I went to my muy favorito restaurante, then we went over to Barnes & Noble because H wanted to check out the books about taxes. I picked up a copy of Bad Astronomy and started to read. I am going to need to get this from the library, because it is a really interesting book. Did you know that the whole thing about an egg will stand on end only on the vernal equinox is a big MYTH!!!! An egg will stand on its end any freaking day of the year. I myself had never tried it, but had heard it, without thinking too much about it. I think there are some scientists reading this right now and shaking their heads about the state of America. Well, at least now I know! That's got to count for something!

There's the buzzer.
Back to my laundry.
Oh, I'm a slave.
My husband is napping!

I think I have a real future in poetry.

Thursday, January 27, 2005
My day off is tomorrow. I stay up obscenely late, knowing I can sleep in luxuriously. I crawl into bed around 3 pm, at which point I drift into peaceful slumber. I am suddenly awakened by the sound of the doorbell and someone banging on the door. Disoriented, I think, "H must have lost his house key." I fumble for my glasses and peer at the clock. It is 6 am, much too early for H to be home, but naturally my sleepy brain does not process this. I walk to the door in pajama pants and a garment top. (It's H, right, so why get dressed?)

I pull aside the curtain, and the officer outside is not H. I open the door (strategically placing myself so my modesty is protected). The first thing this officer tells me is, "H is okay." I immediately assume H is at the hospital, injured. "Okay..." I reply. The story comes out in terse detail. H was present at a shooting, needs a change of clothes. The officer waits in the entryway while I grab some clothes for H. On his way out the door, he buzzes into his phone, sounding for all the world like a cheesy action movie character, "I am leaving the house." The phone begins to ring. It is H, supplying more details about what has happened. He tells me that he called several times starting at 4, and that I never answered. What can I say, I was tired. Indeed, I find that he left 14 messages between 4 and 6 am.

Upon learning that H is completely okay, I am instantly at ease. In fact, I quickly fall back asleep and sleep without any problems until 11. H gets home about half an hour after I wake up; he has just completed a killer 18-hour day. He has the next week off, and $300.00 from the union, so that he can get away and relax. He tells me about the shooting in detail. It is a cool story. Crossbow, hostages, the whole works. I'm not going to put it all up here. You can email me if you want more details.

The next day we go sledding and have fun. We aren't able to get out of town until the next weekend, when we go to the coast and have a complete blast. Thanks, Union.

Friday, January 7, 2005
My Antonia by Willa Cather gets a C. Snooze. Sure, it gives a good sense of time & place, but so slowly. And a bit awkwardly, I felt. Like Cather was trying too hard to be poetic. For senses of place, try Kingsolver in Animal Dreams or Prodigal Summer. Especially Prodigal Summer. Now am reading some book candy, Kinsella's lastest Shopaholic installment. Goody.

Extreme Makeover is my guilty pleasure. But I missed the reveal because I was watching CSI. Yesterday watched "Wimbledon" and worked on my sweater (which I am making good progess on, by the way). Average romantic comedy, but I freaked myself out by getting teary at the end. Something must be wrong with me. I'd like my concrete heart back, please.

Don't see Dh much during the week with the new schedules, but don't mind too much, as it gives me free time to do as I please, and also gives me the weekends with mi esposo.

Bought my sewing machine on Monday I think, but it is still in the box. Dh is going to buy me a little table for it, and I am waiting for that. No sense setting it all up only to have to take it apart to move it to my table.

Husband and I were struck with sudden, relatively brief flu Mon-Tues. Major symptom being achiness. We laid in bed Monday evening and just talked. Were in too much pain to do anything else.

Husband again considering grad school. Frustrated with job, frustrated with graduate class, frustrated with frustration. Poor guy.

My new class is adorable. I have the CTR 8s, and they are cute, funny, smart, fill in your positive adjective here. Especially the quiet boy. I just want to hug him every time he looked up at me with his cute little face.

Sorry for the lack of first person pronouns, have been reading too much British chick lit recently.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004
I'll tell about Thanksgiving, P, & The Canadian later.

Thursday I went with JW to meet the elusive Dr Milroy. I gave him a 7. He was intellectual and clever, and I give him big points for such. He, JW, her mom Sharon and I got into a long philosophical discussion on absolute truth. Like for an hour, in his office. Dr Milroy made good points, but was sometimes inconsistent. [I think I spelled that wrong. Inconsistant?] JW & Sharon were firm, but trying to convince Dr Milroy to convert, so were not always that compelling. And what was my role, you ask? I stirred the pot.

Friday was some drama-rama at work, involving me, through no fault of my own. I managed to keep out of it almost entirely, despite me being one of the major players. I hate work drama.

Friday JW and I went to the new Indian restaurant. Bliss. Finally a good Indian place here in Salem! JW hated it. She almost started gagging. Oh well. Danes. *snort* At least she's willing to try anything once. She told me Sharon really likes me, which took me aback, since I thought she quite disliked me. Sharon's hard to read. We watched O, which was heavy. Julia Stiles blew, Josh Hartnett's acting was excellent. Then Brian & Scott played their movie for me. It was a series of spoofs based on several R-rated movies, so I couldn't really "appreciate" it, I guess. [My word, not theirs.] There was a really awesome decapitation scene, though.

Saturday I hung out with JW yet again. We are becoming tight like unto a dish. I got a makeover at the Lancome counter, and bought the eyeliner and lipstick Fran put on me. Then I found a scarf in a perfect teal at Old Navy.

Sunday as I put on my makeup, I realized I had a significant blind spot in my left eye. Which got worse and worse. I knew what was coming. I tried the power of positive thinking, which only worked somewhat. Not enough to actually stop the migraine. The pain was less severe than it has been before, though. By the time I decided the migraine was truly coming (about when the left half of my field of vision in my left eye was swirling around), Church had actually already started, so I couldn't call JS to tell her I wasn't coming. My vision cleared on the drive to the church. Then the headache descended. It felt like I had a nail sitting, bleeding, in my right temple. Then I had to run to the bathroom, false alarm. I was squatting in the stall, trying not to sick up an empty stomach (I was fasting), when someone (Camille, I think) asked if I was alright. I told her I was just getting a migraine, that I would be fine. Which was, of course, me trying to be tough. She got the RS Pres, who gets migraines herself, so understood what I was going through, and proceeded to take care of me. Got me a plastic bag, offered to get someone to drive me (I declined) and told the Primary Pres that I was going home sick. I made it home without incident. Sick about half an hour later, then slept like the dead for about 3 hours. Woke up feeling weak but okay. Gotta love my delayed reaction to stress.

I'm too tired to tell about hanging out with Jeri & Co, so that will have to come later.

Had a lovely time at Enrichment tonight. Carpooled with Mary & Anne. Anne and her husband reactivated themselves upon the birth of their son, which I think is totally cool. I sat next to Molly at Camille's, and it turns out talking to her is really easy. We had a great convo. So now I am gung-ho to VT (she is my comp). Enrichment was a massive Progressive dinner. Appetizers and a game at Robin's. Dinner and a beautiful song and program at Camille's. Dessert (was totally stuffed by this time) and a touching story, The Other Wise Man at Heather's. It was really nice, and I am glad I went.

11:15 pm - Heath is asleep now in bed, and I am wondering if he is going to wake up tonight, or if I should just go to bed. It is raining and windy, and I think our lights have partially blown off, because I keep hearing a clunking sound on the side of the house. But because it is raining and windy, I am not going to stick my head outside to check.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Stolen from JD! She's great!
1. WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING? Levi's Super Low Rise Flares, which are not particularly low rise or flared
4. WHAT'S THE LAST THING YOU ATE? a yummy chunk of King Hawaiian's bread
5. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? sometimes
6. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? This is a hard one. Possibly a dark blue, or maybe cranberry
7. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? gray and drizzly
8. LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My brother P (Seeing him tonight!!)
9. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Yes she is really cool!
11. FAVORITE DRINK? grape cranberry juice
12. FAVORITE SPORT? hiking. Is that a sport?
13. HAIR COLOR? medium to dark brown
15. SIBLINGS? three younger brothers and two younger sisters
16. FAVORITE MONTH? December (aka Christmas)
17. FAVORITE FOOD? oh lots - fettucine alfredo, heavenly hot dog casserole, rice pudding, beef jerky, nice crisp green grapes, and on and on :)
20. WHAT DO YOU DO TO VENT ANGER? slam doors
21. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? My doll Maggie, or my Hawaii Barbie doll
22. SUMMER OR WINTER? summer
23. HUGS OR KISSES? both
29. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? I think last week
30. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? Some random old textbooks, shoeboxes, my dh's pamphlet on how to spot a meth lab (ahh, the life of a cop's wife)
31. WHO IS THE FRIEND YOU HAVE HAD THE LONGEST FRIENDSHIP WITH? Well, probably the people in my family, but if I am not allowed to say them, I would say Louisa (friends since we were 14 or 15). I moved around too much as a kid to have really long friendships (see #43).
32. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Had a fight with H about something really stupid, then made up ;)
34. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? prayer (cheesy but true)
35. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? The fungus that sprouts on really old leftovers in the fridge
37. FAVORITE CAR? Mini Cooper in white & teal
38. FAVORITE FLOWER? Lilacs or rhododendrons
42. WHAT DID YOU DO ON YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? Went to dinner with my husband

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
I am extremely excited for Thanksgiving this year. This is because my brother P is driving up from Utah, and he is bringing The Canadian with him! Yes, I will finally be privileged to meet The Canadian. They are just barely this side of engaged. And hopefully she is cool. We are all converging on G & S's house (H's parents). Most of the boys will be down in Moab, just B will be left in M-F, so that is another reason I am glad P & The Canadian are coming. Because it would be BO-ring otherwise. Now the only truly boring part will be when I am forced at gunpoint to visit H's grandmother.

I had a long talk with JW yesterday (I forced her to take an hour & 30 minute lunch, it was glorious) and somehow everything about D spilled out. Because he said a couple of things Sunday night that really hurt my feelings/pissed me off/bugged me. And so I asked for her input using no names, but she guessed who it was (I am a creature of habit and JW knows me too well). After I told her some things, she really put it all into perspective. She said there is a pattern of behavior, and that D has been very gradually pushing the line with regards to what I will tolerate. She was like, Michele, you definitely need to change the situation. So I asked, how do I do that? R is one of my best friends. And it's not like I can tell her, "Your husband sometimes creeps me out/hits on me/is extremely insulting." Sayonara to the friendship. She thinks what I might have to do is break off any contact with R anyway, for exactly the reason I just stated. She asked, What would Dr Laura advise? We couldn't figure it out, so now she thinks I should actually call Dr Laura. Which I am not keen on. She said even the insults from D are an attempt to impress me, which I do not know if I believe, since that seems rather 3rd grade to me. Anyway, so now I am just pondering this all, and no solutions have jumped out. Any suggestions, dear bloggers?

By the way, the Johnson Adventure was a massive success. Am truly nuturing goddess.

Thursday, November 18, 2004
Tomorrow the Johnson Adventure begins. Let's see how I do as the temporary mother to three young girls. The Johnsons are going to Las Vegas (don't ask me why, I can't really figure it out) and so I'm watching their kids (ages 6, 4, & 11 months) for 3 days. And dh will be working, so it'll be like being a single mom! I am going to drag them to the open house at the Zurros' house Saturday. I am doing this only because they are paying me. At first I felt slightly miserly about that, but then my mother said she pays more, so then I felt like I was doing it at a discount, and the guilty feelings went tra-la-la away! I have already informed H that it is going all to clothes. Which he grumbles about, but knows he can do nothing to change. Yippee! Sho-o-opping!

I got the White Stripes cd Elephant today, and I really like it. I like the track that Meg sings on. 5 or 6, I can't remember. H got the new Collective Soul, and to be honest, it's not really grabbing me.

Another of H's co-workers is getting divorced. I think this trend kind of confuses him, as indeed it does me. Once the first year is out of the way, being married is really not that hard. We are kind of like, You guys must be pansies, because we are loving it. But I always just assume that when people get divorced young, it is because one of them is a psycho. It makes things so much simpler. And is in fact often true, as in the cases of M & A, and J and whatshisname, and C & L.

I watched the extended version of TTT today. I realized I have never seen the extended version before, even though we've had it for almost a year. I'm not very good at following through to the end of a movie. So easily distracted. I don't think I will ever see the end of The Whole Ten Yards. Not that I feel like I'm really missing anything there.

Skipping Christmas is a waste of your precious holiday time. Read The Prodigal Guest instead. It's better, and inspires all sorts of rosy holiday feelings.

I was reading off of Misery Loves Fun-Pany's blog today and discovered she also hates going to bed. H teases me that I am a toddler in the way that I put off going to bed. It's just so boring, I whine. Yes, fine, I am a toddler. Waa.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004
I hate it when a girl says, "I don't get along with girls. All my friends are guys." That tells me that one of the following is true of that girl:
1. She does not know how to be a girl.
2. She is foolish enough to believe that all girls are just like the girls from her high school. Because people never mature, and stay the same for the rest of their lives. And all girls are the same.
3. She has absorbed the idea that being a girl is bad, so she looks down on girls who get along with girls, because that is just so pathetic. She is smart enough to only be friends with boys.
4. She does not actually know how to be friends with anyone, and hangs out with guys because she can flirt with them and call it friendship.

There might be more, but those are the main ones. A balanced girl with healthy ideas about herself and others can easily be friends with either gender. She values her female relationships because they provide her with things her male relationships cannot, just as her male relationships provide her with things her female relationships cannot. When a girl says that she does not get along with girls, I know the problem is with her, not me. It's true that some girls are really catty and will stab you in the back without a second thought, but come on. That's not the majority. Any girl who thinks guys never talk smack about their friends behind their backs is deluding herself.

Monday, November 8, 2004
Saturday was Super Saturday. I sat next to Jenna S and we had a great chat. Turns out we both have fab m-i-ls and sexist, racist f-i-ls. Yeah, so we had a bond session. I got as far as I could on my nativity set. Why, again, did I sign up for a craft that entailed monotonous hand stitching?

Saturday night I went to the Johnsons. Janeth and her family were there, as were the missionaries. Janeth and her mom Maria helped R make carne asada and Maria made tortillas from scratch, which were SOOOOO good. I helped cook them, and it was fun. Though you burn your fingertips and there's no way around it. Unless you use a spatula, but that's not very authentic, now is it. Elder Rogers was in fine contentious form. He fought with Janeth about the linguistic validity of saying "bosotros" (tie). Then they fought about the difference between la policia and el sheriff (he won). And then he fought with me about whether D looks Italian (I won).

Sunday was our second and final practice for the presentation. Holy crap. After sitting on a hard, cold chair for three hours, even I was getting restless and grouchy. Those chairs really hurt my butt. Not enough fat. All of the kids did amazing though, considering they were expected to sit still for three hours. It was grueling. Shan did say thanks for dealing with B, which was nice. He really wanted to pull out his tooth, but after I asked him not to for the seventh time, he stopped working on it. Which surprised me. It's always pleasant when your Primary kids actually do what you ask. At home I made date bread and worked on my nativity set. The wise men are a little lopsided, and I care not. Then I made up this bourbon chicken frozen stuff for dinner. It was NAST. It tasted like bad artificial sweetener. Blech. Ugh, it's grossing me out just thinking about it.

Then I went to the Johnsons where we had leftovers from the night before. We were going to make a play again, this time about two princesses (R & I) who have two kitties (V & J), and the princesses fight about who has the best kitty, and then naturally the kitties would have to duke it out to determine the winner. Unfortunately, we could not locate any tape. After the girls went to bed, we looked at the What Not to Wear book which R enjoyed as much as me.

More later, am tired of typing

Friday, November 5, 2004
D stopped by this afternoon. Asked me to interview with his boss on Tuesday. It would be a big pay raise. And the position is part-time to begin with, so there wouldn't be any of the half-joking jealous comments from co-workers. It's rather tempting. But I am hesitant for a few reasons. 1. D would be my supervisor. Which could be good and fun, or hell. 2. I can't commit to the long-term for reasons which D knows perfectly well. Is he forgetting? Or does it not matter? I mean, technically it's illegal to discriminate against someone because of their reproductive plans, but we all know it happens all the time. 3. Something tells me R would not be thrilled with the idea.

Friday, November 5, 2004
That flu was courtesy of the Johnsons. V caught it (from school I can only assume), then R & J had it, then D, then me. Yippee. Of course, I'm really quite lucky in the whole affair because it wiped some of them out for days. And it really only had me down for one day.

I haven't really got anything to say, other than I'm making potato soup tonight for Super Saturday tomorrow. And I have to cut out the nativity pieces. And I have this inexplicable urge to watch Jersey Girl. Which I heard wasn't even that good, so what's up. Ha ha

Thursday, November 4, 2004
So I'm sorry, but this is really funny. Dh was super stressed this afternoon, working on a paper for his public admin class. The funny part is that he suddenly leaped up from the sofa, clutching his book with shaking hands, and ROARED. Yes, roared. I just kind of looked at him stupidly. I mean, what do you do when your husband roars? Ha ha I've no idea. I decided to stay the freak out of his way.

Election night I got a nasty little flu. It was awful. It came on really suddenly. Like, around 5 pm. I left work around 6, and reassured myself that I definitely wouldn't throw up until I at least got home. Well, I never actually sicked up a thing. But I had a horrible backache, and all my joints had like insta-arthritis, and I thought I was going to sick everything up. Dh gave me these little chewable tablets that worked wonders on the nausea. But they turned my tongue brown, which was so disgusting. Though better than the alternative. I went to bed around 9:30, woke up at 12:30, checked on the status of the election, went back to bed around 1:30 and slept very ill until around 10. I was quite weak all day yesterday. Now I just feel a little odd in the lower half, but have been eating normally. Sister Blu has a theory about this flu, and I will tell you later if she was right.

My home is clean and orderly, dinner was delicious, and I am a domestic goddess.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004
This is it. We're down to the wire. JW isn't nervous. But I am. Tom Wolfe made a nice point yesterday in the Guardian though - that if Kerry did win, he wouldn't actually make any radical policy changes, because he's too poll-driven to make actual decisions (and stick with them). I didn't know Tom Wolfe was conservative. His books never gave off that vibe. Not that I have ever read any of them. I looked them up yesterday, readers on Amazon said the language is not for the faint of heart, which tells me they're not for me. Because language does get to me if there is a ton of it. Like the amount in The Other Side of the Story was really too much for me. It's just not classy to use the F word that many times. all. Ha ha

I'm in a much better mood today.

I'm nervous. When do the exit polls start coming out? Our stupid newspaper here is biased. Just so you know. Not that Oregon would ever go for Bush. It's nice to know that my vote really doesn't count here. At least Kerry will take Oregon by that much smaller of a margin.

Monday, November 1, 2004
I'm grouchy today. Well, for approximately the past 2 1/2 weeks. Last night I totally overreacted to something D said. Fortunately I overreacted after I left their house, I was alone in my own house. I had this big plan that I was going to call him today and give him what for. This morning I tried to remember why I had been so upset, and it was all a haze. I really couldn't figure out why I had gotten so mad. And then this morning, again, overreacting to some comment on KTs blog. I mean, what is wrong with me? I told K, I feel like a yoyo. A grouchy yoyo. Everything pisses me off, or alternately, makes me want to cry. Like in Stake Conference, when I teared up in EVERY talk, even the boring ones. Seriously. I'm really annoying myself. F F F-ity F.

R videotaped us goofing around last night. I was like, Ugh I look awful, but then I realized that she was filming me from below, so it looked like I had a double chin. Which is actually kind of funny.

My talk went well. Well, here is my issue: I am good at public speaking, but I don't know how good my talks actually are. Like, I don't have a problem being animated, keeping the audience interested, but am I really giving them anything worth paying attention to, or do they just watch me because I'm like some glittering bird? That's what I felt like: amusing charming and a little bit superficial. I'm crazy today, you can't listen to anything I say.

On a true note, I had a huge spiritual breakthrough Saturday night. I received a beautiful clarity that I have been craving on a certain topic for literally years. Wonderful peace and clarity. And now any doubts are gone. It was so, so good. I had been carrying such a burden, and now it's lifted. So really, I should be smiling beatifically at everyone, and walking around in a happy, peaceful haze, but it just goes to show what an ungrateful wench I am.

Today, though, on the way to work, when the car in front of me proceeded to cruise along at 5 miles under the speed limit, I actually took a breath, calmed down, remained in control. Heavenly Father has totally been helping me with that. The road rage just had to go. It was probably taking years off of my life.

I finished Shopaholic Ties the Knot this morning. Quite enjoyable. Like eating Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. Hmmm. Speaking of Rice, no, I'm not really going to run to Safeway for Rice Pudding. The thought is a bit tempting, though. Ha ha

Dh crawls into bed with me when he gets home from work and I warm him up. For some reason, I just decided recently that the thermostat is to be at 64 at night, which makes it quite chilly in the house. I've taken to actually wearing pajamas, and we put extra blankets on the bed. But I sleep better. Weird, I know. Dh asked me why I took over the role of Heat Nazi (a title which was previously all his), and I could not explain it.

Well, this has all been quite therapeutic. I'm starting to see the appeal of a blog. I think I've managed to talk myself out of the funk I was in.

And as a parting gift, JJ's answer to, "What are the people called who vote for John Kerry?" (Keep in mind, she is 4): Democraps.

Monday, October 25, 2004
Read Previous Entry First!

Continued...The movie ended right after Dh arrived. By then I was pretty much fine. So dh and the Johnsons all left, and I wasted some time playing computer games. Dh called me around 10:30, went through his whole day with me, and remembered that he had gone out the front door to look in his patrol car for something. As best we can figure, he left the door unlocked. It doesn't really latch well, so it must have blown open at some point. We are so blessed that someone didn't see that and walk right in. Well, I went to bed, and slept fine. I did have a weird dream though that a British guy was trying to kill me and dh. Oh, and both D and dh made me promise that I would not search a house myself again. Dh told me to call the cops in that kind of situation in the future, to never go in the house in the first place. I just wasn't thinking, and assumed dh had left the door open. I promised them.

Saturday was very productive. I hit Wal-Mart & Winco. Oh my gosh. I have been such a fool. Why oh why have I wasted so much money at Safeway???? I bought literally a ton of food at Winco for 62 measly bucks. It was a thing of beauty. For instance, I paid only 5 dollah for the bag of meatballs that costs 8 at Safeway. I mean, what the crap!! Then I cleaned up the kitchen mondo, and did the loads of hand washing that had built up. I made yummy Ginger Teriyaki Pork Loins for dinner.

Saturday evening I spent at the Blu's. Where the cable splicing was back in practice. Sometimes I wonder. And I have made a few comments about splicing being illegal, which go completely over their heads. Well not over their heads, because they laugh about it. They glory in it. Whatev. Different strokes. I know that she has had spiritual promptings, so I just remind myself that everyone is in a different place in their development. We tweaked our plans for the cards, and I started doing the calligraphy inside. Which looks darn nice, if I do say so myself. I taught E how to write the phrase in the Gothic script, because if I did all 80, my hand would cramp to death. SO & MO were there when I got there, and everyone was very sympathetic about my drama the night before. And very complimentary on my calligraphy. I revel in that. Ha ha

Sunday was Stake Conference, which I have to say was mostly BO-ring. They are doing a new thing now, SC by broadcast. Which is fine by me. You could tell that President Packer and the two Seventies were worried people were going to be offended, because they kept talking about how they wished they could be there, but with the growth of the church, it just isn't possible anymore. And my response: shrug. I understand that there are just too many members to get the one-on-one anymore. Once a year the Seventies will come, but the other time each year will be by broadcast. Oh and I am giving a talk next Sunday on the Purposes and Blessing of Prayer. Should be pretty easy. Just approach it like a research paper. Thesis, supporting paragraphs, baby. Anyway, per dh's request we had spaghetti with meatballs. Those things are grease city which is I'm sure why dh loves them. I am almost done with my Christmas sampler, which came out really cute. I even found instructions online on how to mount a cross stich piece, which I am glad about, because I really didn't want to pay someone 30-40 bucks to do it for me.

Sunday evening I went to the Johnsons. We had a great time playing Blind Mans Bluff. After the kids went to bed, we played Sardines for a little while outside, but it didn't really work because their yard doesn't have enough hiding spots, and the moon was too bright, and there were only 3 of us. But we still had a lot of fun, just being goofy. I am going there tonight too. It is my second home basically. R jokingly asked me how I would like the third bedroom decorated, for after I have a baby. As in, the baby will be sleeping in there with RJ, because I will still be over there all the time. R is great. I am so glad we are friends. Yesterday also was fun, because D didn't say anything rude or annoying. I think calling on his chivalry made him feel good, because he has been really nice since. Ha ha

Monday, October 25, 2004
So Friday night I was all excited to be the "chaperone" at KA's party. (She asked me on Thursday when I stopped by her house to visit her, KE, KE & BA.) I stopped at the mall to get the accessories needed to complete my 50's girl outfit (belt and hair thing). Headed home, got home around quarter to 7 or ten til. I pulled into the garage and the first thing I noticed was that the heat was on. I thought, "Dh that dork, he turned the heat on and then left it on when he left for work." Which didn't exactly make sense because dh pretty much never turns the heat on, he's his own personal furnace. Well, I walked into the house, and said, "Well that's why the heater was on," because the front door was open by about a foot. I thought, What a retard, he left the front door open. Didn't really think about it too much. The heat was set at 65. The computer was on in the office, so I was like, no one broke in. I went into the bedroom and started changing. I started thinking about the door being open, and I started to get annoyed, because dh always gives me so much crap about being safe, and not leaving valuables in the car, and blah blah blah. So it would be really unlike him to just leave the front door open, no matter how much of a hurry he was in. I went over to the office and tv room, and nothing looked disturbed, so I went back in the bedroom and continued getting ready. Well, then I thought I heard a noise. I probably did. Houses make noice. But this is when I began freaking out. This is also basically when I stopped thinking rationally. I tried to tell myself I was freaking out over nothing, that I was overreacting, all to no avail. I crept into the kitchen and got a butcher knife and searched the entire house. I looked everywhere, behind my wedding dress in the office closet, in dh's truck in the garage. Nothing. But it was too late. I was freaked. I called the first person I thought of - RJ. D answered the phone, and to my dismay said, "R's at the coast with the Laurels." I said, Dang it, then he asked what was up. My voice started quivering, I couldn't help it, and I told him about the door being open when I got home, and how I had already searched the house and no one was there, but I was all freaked out. He was great. He was super calm, and said, I'll get the girls in the car and we'll be there in a few minutes. I hung up, and was trying to be all tough and not cry. And then I thought, Why? No one's here. So I started bawling. Then once the Johnsons were on their way, he called me on the cell and helped calm me down. Made me get in my car and lock the doors. Which really did help me feel better. I was so irrational. They finally got there. I climbed into the minivan, and D asked me about the locations of the guns. He got the shotgun from the bedroom and searched the house again, naturally finding nothing. He was very thorough. He even looked for signs of forced entry on the door (there were none). Then we all went in the house, where I slowly regained rationality. We watched Return of the Jedi, which was fun because the girls had never seen it. Dh actually stopped by at around 9:30 because he had lost his patrol keys and wanted to search the house for them. Well, apparently D and I both looked like someone had died, and dh thought something bad had happened to R. Well, when he found out what had happened, he also had to search the house. He couldn't even remember using the front door. ...More later Am at work.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Thursday morning around 11 we left for Olallie Lake. We got lost for a little while, and dh was muttering profusely, but I managed to keep my mouth shut, despite ridiculous statements from him, such as, "We've lost an hour now!" (We arrived there approximately 15 minutes later than we had planned to.) At least dh had the good sense once he calmed down to thank me for letting him rant and rave and not trying to make him be reasonable.

The cabin was charming. It had a little wood stove, and a couple of kerosene lamps on tables, and three oil lamps on the walls. The bed was a queen size, and there was a gas range for cooking. I loved it. But what I loved most is that we had a fabulous view of Mt Jefferson from our little porch. Indeed, our cabin was called "Jefferson View." We settled in a bit, and then I took a nap. The motion sickness pill had wiped me out. Dh went out on the lake in our raft. When I woke up, we went back out on the lake together. Where we had a disagreement that I believe was not my fault, though naturally dh would contest that. Ha ha Anyway, it really only lasted about 15 minutes, most of which was spent by my looking around stonily and not saying a word. Dh said I was giving him my "F you" face, but I prefer to call it my stony face. Anyway, after we made up, we tried in vain to spot some fish in the very clear water, then I went back up in the cabin and read for a while, and he continued to fish. Then we had clam chowder and played cards. We were in bed by 10. It feels so much later when your cabin is very dim. (In case you were not aware, kerosene lamps and gas lamps do NOT give off much light.)

Dh got up at the buttcrack of dawn (aka 7) to fish. I, of course, stayed in bed. We had a leisurely breakfast. Around noon we headed to a trail head, and had a wonderful hike up to Double Peaks. It was an absolutely perfect fall day. The colors were brilliant, the air was crisp and cool, and there was not a single cloud. Once we reached the top, we had great views of the valleys all around, and of Mt Jefferson. There are lots of small lakes in the Olallie Scenic Wilderness Area, and Heath spotted ten from our viewpoint. We hung out at the top for a long time, dh likes to do that I'm not sure why, then we headed down when I started to get cold, because there was a chilly wind up on the top of the peaks. Back down at the lake, dh fished for a while, I read, then a repeat of the night before. I am proud to say I spanked dh at rummy that night. Usually I am the one to get trounced.

Saturday we weren't sure if we would go hiking because I had gotten a hot spot on my ankle from Friday's hike. Dh found an easy hike in the red book, so I agreed to go on that. But once we got there, I realized I didn't want to go on some piddly four miler. So we stayed on the main trail for a 7.5-er. Then I realized what I had just done, and I turned around (because I was leading) and said, "Dh, you've turned me into a freak. I think a 4 mile hike is too easy." He laughed and was like, "But a 4 mile hike is too easy." Two guys were just coming off the trail as we were starting. They had hike down from Jefferson Park that morning. They had been up there since Monday, and were a couple of hardy backpacking dudes. They were very nice and gave us a piece of moleskin for my hot spot. We saw a few people on this hike, because the trail is much more heavily used than the Double Peaks trail. The hike was actually on the Pacific Crest Trail, and it was in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness Area. We hiked past Pyramid Butte (the hike that was too easy) and up to Park Ridge, which is almost to Jefferson Park. Right as we neared the top, we caught up to some backpackers, which was darn convenient because it meant we were all able to get group photos. Ha ha We hiked up above the timberline, and there was snow on the ground in spots. Like, the eternal kind of snow, that never melts because it's just so freaking cold up there. The backpackers were really nice. When dh mentioned that we had got the hike from a trail book we have, they said, "The red book? By Sullivan? That book is great. We have all of his." I loved it. (That was when I realized that hikers are a subculture. Dh and I joked that I should do more field research and write a paper on it.) They were 2 guys and 2 girls, and 3 dogs. The dogs didn't seem tired at all, the brats, but the girls were starting to get pooped, you could tell. Backpacking is duh much harder than just hiking with my little backpack of food and water. But I want to reach the point where I could backpack to Jefferson Park no problem. The view from Park Ridge was amazing, you could see so far, I swear, I could probably see all the way to Bend. We couldn't see Mt Jefferson, ironically enough, other than its base, because clouds were coming in and were pretty thick up around the base where we were. Jefferson Park was just another 2 miles past Park Ridge, and I could tell dh would have liked to continue on to it, but the wind was really cold up there, with the windchill it was probably in the mid 40s, and we really hadn't prepared for it. We were just wearing sweaters over our shirts. Luckily dh had brought a windbreaker which I wore back down the trail until we were well below the timberline again. All in all, it was a great hike, and really fun.

Saturday night it rained really hard. Sunday was rainy and cold. We were glad the weather only turned bad the day we left. As we pulled out of the resort, we noticed that the rain was turning to sleet. A guy up there told us the weather report said they were going to get 10 inches Sunday night. Which would have been cool, but we didn't bring boots or anything like that.

We got back to the Valley around 1 pm. Just enough time to shower and then we hit the Spanish branch at 2:15. Dh asked me if I liked not knowing what anyone was saying, but I shut him up when I replied that the speaker was talking about pornography. My comprehension is not the worst.

Funny story about dh: The poor man did not catch any fish. No one was having much success. We believe it is because it was too late in the year, it had already snowed up there twice, and we think the fish were starting to go dormant. Anyway, dh had a little container of worms. It was too warm in the cabin, so he put the container in his truck on his seat. Well, apparently the lid was not on completely, because around 10 pm when he went out to get something out of the truck, every single worm had climbed out and hidden itself somewhere in his truck. Under seats, under mats, he even had to unscrew some things to get worms out. One worm he just couldn't reach. Luckily in the morning that worm had crawled out onto his seat. It made me a trifle leery getting into the truck. I checked around my seat, and under the mat. Ha ha

And we saw a man sitting on the hood of a Jeep, with a gun, in the middle of the road. Yes, he was hunting from his car from the road. What a lazy A.

Another highlight was when we drove past a hunters' camp, and they had flying a small American flag and a large Confederate flag. In Oregon. I told dh I didn't realize we had Rebels this far north and west. But they waved at us, so I guess they were friendly Rebels.

Friday, October 8, 2004
Quiet week. Spent most of Wednesday cleaning the house, as it had gotten a little out of control with me being sick and then going to the coast last week.

Had a great time at the coast. Had dinner with Hub and N one night, the other night we caught part of the debate (Kerry never wavered my butt) and saw Sky Captain, which I quite enjoyed. But dh did not like it.

TN is turning in his mission papers! Woo-hoo!

My dad wants P to marry The Canadian. Which I would be down with. I'm excited to have a sister-in-law. It's funny, because both E & Mom said that she is a lot like me. Mom said, But not as mature. I take it as a compliment that P is dating a girl almost as cool as me. Ha ha ha I think the thing is though, based on conversations that P and I have had, that she is just not ready for marriage yet, and P knows that. Maybe with a little time.

I read some decent books: Elegance by Katherine Tessaro and Homebody by Orson Scott Card. Both are worth a read, but are not fabulous or anything.

Next week dh and I are going up to Olallie Lake, and fabulousness of fabulous, the forecast is sunny! It's going to be nice and relaxing. dh is really, really excited to go. I'm actually kind of surprised by how excited he is. I am very glad we found the lake and its little resort, because sometimes I worry about dh, about his happiness, because I know his job is kind of sucky sometimes. And then of course the schedule limits any friendships he has, which is hard for him.

Gina called me a b word today, as a joke, and I think she could tell by my face that I was not pleased, because then she was like, "I don't really think you're a b." And I just kind of gave a tight smile. I HATE THAT WORD. And I really can't figure why Gina hates me. Maybe it's just the fact that's she crazy & menopausal, because she's kind of bipolar to everyone. It worries me when she is nice to me.

EB and I went to Michael's last night and got the supplies for our Christmas cards. I think it's only going to cost us about 10 bucks each, with more for her because she is doing about 50 cards, and I'm only doing 30. They're going to look really nice. I hope. Ha ha CB is such a low-maintenance baby. I was pushing her around last night, talking to her (which is really just a wonderful excuse to talk out loud to myself) and looking for DMC floss to match my Christmas sampler. She was just so cute, looking around, perfectly content. I thought, I could handle a baby like this.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
R and I are planning a Halloween party. It's going to be brilliant, with delicious food and cool decorations (at least, we hope they will be cool, because we are asking E to head that portion). R suggested dh and I be Hans Solo & Leia. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Though I do call him a scruffy-looking nerf herder. I practiced saying "Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?" in a grouchy voice. It depends on what kind of a white dress I can find for myself. I strongly encouraged D & R to be a German couple. As in, bring on the lederhosen, baby! I think they're going to do it, which will be hilarious.

I am starting to get a cold.

SC called AA today about taking her husband to the meetings. It makes me crazy, because the gospel is there, within grasp, and yet she continues to fumble around, unhappy. She used to be a member. But there are a lot of issues there.

In a move that is making the entire Nelson clan unhappy, J is dating K again. Even T, struggling with his own beliefs, told J it's a bad idea. His roommate thinks it's bad. SN has told him how she feels about it as well. Does the guy have to be hit over the head with a 2x4 to get it?

MP came with me to R's for Labor Day. Too bad that thanks to L & B she could only stay like 2 hours. Grr. D's dad complimented me on my potato salad. AL is getting married not in the temple, in like 2 months. I had no idea this nastiness was lurking in him.

I feel like crap, and have work to do, so this is it for now.

Friday, August 27, 2004
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know it has been approximately 100 years since my last update. Desculpe me. I'll start with some easy stuff...

Books read recently:
Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel by Mike Adams. So good. And laugh-out-loud funny. Find a copy immediately!
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. Also laugh-out-loud funny, but for entirely different reasons. Really fun.

Awful book of the century:
Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler.
Zzzzzz. Oh sorry, I fell asleep just thinking about this lame, meandering mess of a book. No plot, no closure, no nothing. It's crap. Avoid it at all costs, even if this means sawing off a limb.

Music I'm listening to right now:
Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
No Es Lo Mismo by Alejandro Sanz
Wishing I Was There by Natalie Imbruglia (oldie but goodie) and
Okay, I admit it, Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson. Ha ha
I'm also enjoying Turandot by Puccini. Even though dh loudly complains anytime he comes home and it's on. What a rube. Ha ha

Okay, so I am in love with working part time. Actually, though, it's more like 30 hours a week that I've been working. And when I cut out all the crap I used to do at work (like the Drudge Report, and my weekly Ann Coulter & Mike Adams fixes, and my daily Cindy Adams fix, and, ah, updating this blog) it leaves about 30 hours of work that needs doing each week. So basically, I'm keeping up. Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, specifically when I first get into work at 8:30 and I have 17 voicemails, a gazillion emails to wade through, and mountains of files on my desk, but then I just start chipping away, and by 9:30 or 10 I'm feeling fine. And by 6 or 6:30 when I leave, I've really accomplished a lot each day. Yay! And actually, today was the end of the part-time trial. And no one said a word about me going back to full time. So I assume that means that 1) My @$$ is not going to be tossed onto the street and 2) Part-time is here to stay! Yeah!

Last week dh and I went over to M-F to pick up TN's piano. That's right, I now have a piano of my not-really-own in the living room. I LOVE it. I can play all the time! I've missed having a piano to play around on. Oh man, you should have seen it though. When we picked it up, it was TRASHED. It was at this family's home, who have 5 kids all under the age of 14 apparently, and the piano looked awful, quite frankly. Dh was actually peeved all that evening, because he didn't want to put the train wreck in our living room. Well, SN put our little hearts to rest by telling me of the wonders of steel wool and Old English. I haven't tried the steel wool yet, but I spent 40 intense minutes with the piano, several rags, and the Old English. When I was done, I couldn't believe the change. It looked like a different piano. It looked....good. Even dh had to admit it. Ha ha And now I have a lovely piano in my home. Dh said it's pretty much ours, because of various things, all to do with TN. Even if she eventually comes to collect it, I guarantee you it won't be sooner than 3-4 years from now.

The jaunt to M-F was actually the best I've ever taken. Partially because dh and I did not end up in any heated disagreements. It seemed we always used to get in at least one while in M-F. But not this time.

Thursday I went shopping with SN. She found a charming comforter for her bedroom. Okay, let me interrupt myself for a second. SN redid their entire bedroom, and it looks amazing. Especially in comparison to how it used to look, i.e., ugly. All new furniture, very nice antique wood pieces, and she painted three of the walls a nice mauve-y color, and the fourth, the one behind the bed, a rich deep burgundy. It might sound weird, but it actually really works. And looks so much better!!! Back to our shopping. The comforter is a paler mauve, with embroidered flowers, but not overpowering flowers. Not Laura Ashley or anything like that. It came with two shams, and she also got two decorative pillows. I had to promise not to tell G how much it all cost, which is always fun. Ha ha

Friday a bunch of us went up to Jubilee Lake. Dh, myself, TN, B, and MB and his two kids, N (6) and G (4). Much fun was had by all. Everyone swam a ton, except myself, I don't really like swimming. Much to dh's dismay, but such it is. The boys all snorkeled a lot. I went out on the 5-man raft for a while, but the kids kept getting in and out of it while soaking wet, so a lot of water managed to get in the bottom, and we didn't have any way to bail, and my bum started to get really chilly from the water. Ha ha Plus, it was only like 75 degrees, which is not warm enough for swimming in my opinion. So anyway, I laid around reading some weird Dean Koontz book. Then I took N along on my search for a reported sinkhole. TN works for the Forest Service, and they went out to Jubilee Lake sometime this summer to mark trees that needed felling, and he heard some rumor about a sinkhole. Thus my search. I finally found it. It was in the lake, about 3 feet from the bank. I reported my findings, and everyone went over to check it out. It was about 3 feet wide, and lots of feet deep. Naturally, despite the warning signs and obvious danger, the boys (except G) had to jump in it, play around, and touch the bottom. They pretended to be walking along in the lake, and then suddenly disappear under the water. In fact, TN did that while an elderly couple was walking by. He said, "Hi folks," started to walk towards them, and was suddenly completely underwater. It was hilarious. And the old people took it with admirable senses of humor. Ha ha That evening we could have gone to the first day of the Muddy Frogwater Festival (be still my beating heart) but we were all pooped. So we went and got the piano instead. We left Saturday morning.

Dh's second and final game of the Pig Bowl was Saturday evening. It was up at the Hillsboro Stadium. I planned it right and had a little time for shopping at Tanasbourne before the game. It was pouring, but fortunately the Hillsboro Stadium seating is covered. Thank goodness it didn't rain at his first game (at the ghetto Chemawa Indian School). I would have been miserable. Dh had a much more prominant role in this game. He had a few 15-yard runs, too. Yay! The Lawdogs (Marion County) won again (woo-hoo!) 29-6. Yeah, baby. That's what I'm talkin about. Then we went to McMenamins with the rest of the team. Good times. I really like R and A.

This week was spent quietly in Salem, since we traveled around each of the previous three weeks. Thanks to prodding from my father, we rented some of the first season of CSI, and are now unfortunately addicted. Well, not addicted. We were addicted to 24. When it was good. Aka the first two seasons only, thanks. That was addiction. We watched the entire first season of 24 in like a day and a half. This is more like a moderate interest. CSI is interesting, and wonderfully unrealistic and melodramatic. I'm tired of typing, so this is it for now. It's taken me almost an hour to type this up, so I hope you bloody well appreciate it.

Sunday, August 8, 2004
Okay, so first week of test run of part time. Was awesome!! Loved it. Had a great time. Dh and I went to the coast Wednesday. Thursday I got some cleaning, errands, & relaxing done. It was marvelous. I really hope everyone at work is pro the whole thing. Friday the workload wasn't too overwhelming. I think I will be able to manage things. I just really love being able to spend QT with dh, and the house is SO much cleaner. And stays that way.

Friday we double dated with the Johnsons. They paid for dinner. Which was really nice. We went back to their place and played Cranium. I love that game.

Saturday evening I went shopping with EB, found some good deals. Then we watched 13 Going on 30, which I enjoyed. Cheesy, but some really funny 80s throwbacks. HO and RO stopped by their apartment while I was there, and holy crap HO is SO 18. A very immature 18. He is the most awful sexist. I told him, "I am very glad you have a mission before you could get married." Because he has oodles of maturing to do. It was kind of hard to listen to him without suddenly beginning projectile vomiting.

Useful Idiots by Mona Charen -- B
Enigma -- B-
Gangs of New York -- B
13 Going on 30 -- C+
I haven't seen any really stellar movies lately.

Tonight I am going to the Johnsons for some dinner party thing. I am bringing buttermilk biscuits. I love those things. I'm trying to care whether anyone else will like them, but instead I don't. Ha ha

Monday, August 2, 2004
Awesome songs I have been listening to recently:
"Time is Running Out" by Muse
"Big Brat" by Phantom Planet
"Silver and Cold" by A.F.I.

And some good books:
Anthem by Ayn Rand
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Monday, August 2, 2004
The Chicken Paella yesterday was DISGUSTING!! It reminded me of my mother's Chicken Cacciatore. Or however you spell it.

Dh played in the Pig Bowl Saturday. They won! Woo hoo! 25-12. It was quite fun. And he was really glad that he was able to get jersey #41 - that is the same number he was in high school. I am starting to realize how important playing football was (and is) to him. And he thanked me more than once for going to the game. [I like being thanked, so I didn't tell him that I wouldn't even consider not going to the game - like how rude would that be??]

Last night was really nice. It was one of those quality stay-home-alone nights. I played a little, cleaned a little while talking to EB (you can actually get a fair amount done while gabbing - who knew?) and then talked to my sister. I gave ES advice on hair dye (why oh why does she want to go red???) - my advice: Go semi-permanent. And on why her parents do actually get a say in what she does: They pay the bills. Which she seemed to understand, which is awesome. And on how to not be normal: Peace Corps. She made fun of my name picks for babies, saying they were too "normal." Which confused me, until I remembered I went through the same "normal abhorrence" stage when I was around her age. I was like, "What, you want to name your child Moonbeam?" She laughed and said, "No, I think the name Megara is beautiful." I said, "E, that is the name of a Greek city-state. You might as well name your daughter Athens or Sparta." To my horror, she replied, "The name Athens is pretty." I was like, "Oh no, you just can't." Ha ha Of course, I found this old paper I had written when I was about 17, of names that I liked, and they were really fruity. Cedar, for a girl. I was such a wannabe hippie at 17.

Then I wrapped the evening up with some tv viewing and book reading, then shower and into bed. Wonderful. I would kind of like to do a repeat tonight. The kitchen floor needs to be swept, and the microwave really needs a good scouring. I might end up at the Johnsons, though. We'll see. Right now, I'd kind of rather be by myself again tonight.

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Now I'm so confused. Last night after I left work EO apparently talked to K. So K told me this morning on the phone that he thought about the situation last night on his drive up to Seattle, and they may be able to work it out. So he said, "Don't do anything rash [apparently EO didn't tell him I gave 2 weeks] and on Tuesday when I get back I will talk to EO about this." He sounded rather confidant that we'd be able to work it out. Which gives me hope. When I told dh he said he is not surprised. He said K is the one who can articulate to EO and the other partners that I am an asset worth keeping.

And it turns out my intution was right, but I only figured out this morning how. Dh said to talk to K on Monday about all of this, but my gut said say nothing to K. And I wasn't sure that was right, but I went with it. And now I'm glad I did. If I had talked to K on Monday about all of this, it would have been that *I* was asking him to get involved, but now it is just *he* that has involved himself. So it's not like I pressured him to be on my side, he chose it voluntarily. Score one for my intuition!

But now I'm just kind of waiting. And I have to wait ALL weekend, because it's K's 10 year anniversary tomorrow, so he's out for the rest of the week. Which is nice for him, but somewhat agonizing for me. Okay, I'm being dramatic. I'm not actually in agony at all. Just really really hopeful.

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Well there was big drama crap yesterday. The end result is: I'm working part time for the next two weeks and then sayonara. I'm really annoyed about the whole thing. Not that they said, You can't go part time. I understand that. But R sucked at communicating throughout this whole thing. E got this dropped on him yesterday which is NOT MY FAULT. So then E was mad at me, when he should be taking this out on R. I communicated. It's not my fault everyone else is dysfunctional. So last night I was in a funk about it every time I thought about it, which was often. But today I feel better. I talked to SC, who was really nice and is bummed that I am leaving. We talked about how it's K that's really getting the raw deal here, since I'm his paralegal, but he's not a partner, so he didn't get any say whatsoever in the whole deal. And doesn't even know about it yet. And how other paralegals do whatever they want, but because I asked for permission, I get the shaft. But whatev. I'm excited to be free. I am pretty confidant it won't be hard to find some crap job at like Ross or wherever.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Last night went to Wal-Mart & Sportsman's Warehouse with D & the girls while R took care of a drama at TS's house. TS had a mini-breakdown or something. Then I came home and did laundry, vacuummed, cleaned instead of going to bed. Dumb me, but sleeping is so boring. I used to really like it, but now I'm just like, Ugh there are about 100 things I'd rather be doing than sleeping. But my body gets very grouchy if I don't sleep. Went to bed at 1. Snuggled with dh in the am before getting up. Rolled out of bed at 8 and was out of the door by 8:30. Because I'm just that good.

D just brought my economics book that I forgot at their house last night. Good boy. He gets a biscuit.

I have plenty of work to do, and no motivation. I'm worried about the attorney meeting this afternoon. I don't know that calling K to discuss it is the right thing to do. Like, yesterday I just felt like I needed to ask R about the status of all of this, but I don't get the same feeling about K. I'm relying on my intuition here. Part of me is really REALLY hoping that this turns out the way I want. The other part of me is just resigned & disappointed. I'm skipping part of my story. I will fill in the blanks later, promise.

Monday, July 19, 2004

I just talked to the attorney. I was totally blushing the entire time. I was SO NERVOUS. My face was just burning, but I got it all out, and I didn't even have to threaten quitting, he just totally agreed to it! Completely! He even said my proposed schedule was great, everything. It is exactly what I prayed would happen. Oh man, I'm shaking. I was so nervous. I was petrified he was going to look me in the eye, and say, I don't think so M. I guess one of the huge perks of working for a bunch of Mormon guys is they totally understand when you want to put family first. What a HUGE relief!!!! I wanted to call dh, but then I remembered he is at home sleeping (or at least trying to) so I settled for leaving a jubilant message for R.

Monday, July 19, 2004
Last night I got to talk to E, L & J. In the opposite order. I talked to them in the order they had to go to bed. J really got me. He asked me if I was going to be there for his baptism in October. If I'd been a little more hormonal, I would have started crying. Maybe I can get the parentals to pay for half. It's so expensive to fly across the country!!

Especially since today is the day I am going to put the hurt on for this beloved little law firm I work at. "Put me at part time or wave goodbye." I'm nervous. Especially since the calendar has worked it that I'm probably going to have to end up talking to R. Yeah, the one I feel least comfortable around.

I realized yesterday that I wouldn'd mind if my family moved to Bend, ie, at least two hours away. Honestly, I would love my entire family to live in Salem, except my mother. That's the truth of it. She has HUGE issues with control, letting people live their own lives, manipulation, etc. And that's not something I want to deal with on a frequent basis. The over-the-phone manipulation attempts are plenty, thank you.

I went over to the Johnsons last night. Blessed AC! It's been so muggy recently. This morning is the worst it's been in a long time. Everything is clammy and gross. And why did I bother curling my hair?!?!? Ha ha Yeah, but so D is probably one of the most confusing people I know. I don't get him at all. Sometimes he says such freaking jerkoff things that I just want to knock him unconcious, and then other times, I don't know. I'm just like, what's wrong with you? I think it's what EB and I were talking about. About some guys just have no idea how to behave around women. And R bless her heart loves him, so just rolls her eyes and goes with it. Or something. Ha ha I'm getting to be quite good friends with R, which I am really glad about. It's taken long enough to make some good friends! It seems so much harder once you're out of college to find cool people that really have the potential to be awesome friends. R is one of those. And so I put up with her sometimes-annoying husband. Don't get me wrong, sometimes D can discuss topics quite intelligently and we have very good discussions, but other times....I don't know. And then sometimes he makes comments to purposefully piss me off, which of course just pisses me off more when I know he's doing that.

You know, I just remembered dh did that a few times when we first got married, would piss me off on purpose because he thought it was funny or something. Sick bastich. Ha ha Yeah, he got over that pretty quickly. I'm not really that fun to be around when I'm pissed off. I slam things. I guess the appeal of watching me stamp my foot wore off when he realized the cute stamping foot was accompanied by door-slamming hard enough to possibly break something. Ha ha

Monday, July 12, 2004
Last night I had a strange dream. KT and I were in her car, it was a huge beast of a car. And there were these strange instant freezes that were caused by earthquakes or somthing. Suddenly everything would ice up, and we'd swerve all over the road. We were trying to get to Florida, becuase apparently it is too warm there to ice instantly. We went to her mother's house, but I know it wasn't really because it was run down and in the middle of the woods. I was anxious to get to Florida, but KT didn't seem too concerned. Where does my subconcious get these things?

Monday, July 12, 2004
Mirage by Soheir Khashoggi: B-. Ending was really lame. I am now reading Guardian of the Horizon by Elizabeth Peters. I think she needs to retire. You can totally tell in her picture that she is wearing a wig (wispy gray hair sticking out from underneath), which made me feel bad for her, and want to give her a hug. I can already tell this book is going to get no better than a B-, but I keep reading because I'm just so fond of the Emerson clan.

Monday, July 12, 2004
Went camping Friday night. It was really great. We went up the Little N fork of the Santiam River. We found a secluded little spot right near the river.

In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast, then we drove up to a ranger station above Detroit Lake which has the most amazing view. On our way to the Tumble Lake trailhead, we got a flat tire. There was a pop, then the front left tire started hissing very loudly, and was completely flat within 3 minutes. Dh was very competant, which was a good thing, since I have never actually experienced a flat tire (only an exploded one!!!!!). He didn't even get upset. Usually when something unexpected and bad happens, he gets really grouchy and starts lashing out. But he was remarkably chill. And it was quite interesting to watch the whole process. 30 minutes and we were back on our way. (The hole in the tire was HUGE, by the way.) We had lunch, then took off for Tumble Lake.

The hike down was fine. It was steep and downhill, but pleasant under the trees. The lake was beautiful. We laid down on the bank and dh fell asleep. Well, I did too but only for a few minutes. The hike up was killer though. So steep and SO UPHILL! Ha ha I felt like I was taking a break every hundred feet. But dh assured me I was doing okay. Once we were done I felt wonderful. Exhausted, but good.

We got home a bit after 7. Dh unloaded the truck while I took the movies back to Clean Screen (an excellent compromise). I met SH's wife who seems nice. I totally caught her checking me for a ring! It was hilarious. Not that I wouldn't do the same thing. Because I would. And the Clean Screen guy revealed that he is indeed Mormon, because he told me that he served part of his mission in West Salem. When I told dh, he snorted and said, Was there ever any doubt? He is so rude. I mean, really, we all know what assuming does.

Dh came to church with me yesterday, which was nice. Usually he goes to the ward that meets at 2 (instead of 9 am in the bleedin morning) because it's too hard for him to wake up for 9 am church when he only got off work 2.5 hours before. Freak, it's almost too hard for me to get up for the 9 am meeting, and I haven't got a single excuse. But since he had Saturday off, he came to church with me. He found out who our home teachers are because he asked the Elder Quorum Pres. Lazy home teachers. We haven't heard one peep from them. Dh just wants to know who they are so if he needs a blessing.

I had quite the drama in Primary class. Everyone was excited because we were playing Hangman, and before I realized what was happening, J drew a big long line on the chalkboard - in purple crayon. I said, No, no, that's permanent! But it was too late. I ran to get a wet paper towel, but I couldn't get much off. J retreated behind a paper, and the boys were making little comments about the whole thing. Suddenly, she put the paper down. Her face was bright red, and she made this strangled growling noise. We all just looked at her in shock. Then I quickly went into soothing mode, rubbing her back, "it was a mistake, it's ok J, no one's mad at you." The boys chimed in, Yeah no one's mad. She was crying. It was a mess, but I wanted to laugh. What drama.

My VTs came over yesterday evening. CG is completely fringy. She has made some statements that have taken me aback, like her comment as we headed into Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago, that if her husband was at home in bed during Church (as mine usually is), she didn't think she would come. Yesterday, she implied something about Joseph Smith that I really didn't like (this was before S arrived). And then she basically told S and I that she doesn't pray. Like, really ever. And I thought, Well that explains the fringiness. As I observe people, I totally see a connection between how much they do the "little things" (pray, read scriptures, attend church, etc.) with their overall commitment to the Church, and the strength of their beliefs. There is a STRONG correlation. I saw this first in myself, and then once I started paying attention, it is everywhere. But it seems that CG's whole family is struggling with religion. I need to take more of a stand with her. I don't feel comfortable with her making those kind of comments in my house. I was so surprised that it left me temporarily speechless, and by the time I had recovered, she was onto something else. Now I will know to expect it, and can be on my toes.

Then, naturally, I spent the evening at the Johnsons. Ha ha

Friday, July 9, 2004
Wednesday night we double dated with the Johnsons. Sort of. Dh decided to go in to the doctor, but he couldn't get an appt until 6:30, so dh was at Olive Garden for only a little while, then he had to jet. But fortunately his shoulder is okay. He hurt it at football practice Tuesday. Then his appointment was over, so we all went to see Spiderman 2, which was really good. Better than the first, I'd say. It had cooler action. And less cheese. Oh and it's already all arranged that we will be going to The Bourne Supremacy on July 23, when it comes out. Yay!! I am super excited for it.

So anyway, then we went to the Johnsons house. On their ride home, the Johnsons managed to get into a fight about the S's cross-dressing 3 year old. So the funny thing is, I went with R to drop the babysitter off, and R told me that she agreed with what D had said (which was that cross dressing, even in a 3 year old, is wrong, and that the parents have complete control but are still letting it happen), but that it was the way he said it that drove her crazy. I suggested, "His....arrogance?" To which she responded, "Yes! That is it exactly!"

So I went in the house while she pulled into the garage (after she honked at me and scared the crap out of me ha ha). D and dh had been discussing the disagreement as well. I figured what the heck, and told D, "R agrees with you, it was the presentation. A little more consideration, a little less arrogance." It went in one ear and out the other. She came in and he was like, "Why did you get upset? If you agree with me, what's the deal? Blah blah blah." Apparently the fact that D can be massively arrogant cannot even occur to him. I was like, why did I bother wasting my breath on him. Dh just laughed through the whole thing.

Then we discussed Mormon fundamentalists. D totally is one. He thinks Fast Sunday should include fasting from: food, drink, SEX. Yeah, where did he get that one from??? I challenged him to find ONE source supporting that. R started giggling and said, Now ask D if he lives by his own idea? We all started laughing, then just laughing at D. Good thing he can take it. Dh asked me if he was an MF (Hey! MF-er! Ha ha) and seemed surprised when I told him that no, he usually tries to be open-minded and see both sides of a thing (as long as his emotions are not involved), whereas I am more of a "It's black-and-white, gosh darn it!!!!" Not always so flexible, which is something I think I should work on. My mom is sort of an extreme version of that, but she only picks and chooses which principles should be religiously adhered to. For instance, "No R-rated movies" is written in stone for her, but "Keep your house in order" is more of a feeble suggestion. Despite the fact that it is SCRIPTURE!!! Ha ha

We didn't leave the Johnsons until almost midnight, and then dh and I were just talking and cuddling until (stupid me) 1:30. So I went to bed at 2. For the second night in a row. All day yesterday at work I seriously was dying. Pain. Lots of pain. My eyes hurt, my head was foggy. And I was really, really grouchy. Fortunately none of my problem clients called, or it coulda got ugly. But I stuck it out cause I am TOUGH. Ha ha

Dh went boating yesterday with some friends, and I was so tired and grouchy, and jealous, that when he called around 9 I sort of picked a fight. Not intentionally, but that's what happened. Dh hung up on me! No one has ever hung up on me before! So I did ha ha a very immature thing. I had to call three times before he picked up again, but when he did, I slammed the phone down. Yes, I called him back just to hang up on him. Which I admit I don't really feel that bad for. It was satisfying. Ha ha Then I called him back an hour later and apologized for getting all mad about the stupid thing I had gotten mad about, and the doorbell rang, and it was dh already home. So then we chilled for a bit, but I was in bed by 11. What a difference 8 hours of sleep makes! I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Unlike the past two mornings, after 5 hours of sleep each.

Dh has both tonight and tomorrow night off, so we are going camping! Yay!! I haven't been camping since last August, and that's just wrong. Dh is going to pick some place. My only request was that there not be too many people around. Because that's annoying. We're going to hike on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. Who would have thought I'd like camping and hiking. Not me.

Late in the day at work, EB called and said there was a sale going on at Gen-X: Buy one pair of shoes, get one free! Which would have been fabulous, but for one little thing we found out when we got there. They had raised the price on EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES. The black stilettos I have been eyeing for a while went from $17 to $25. Talk about bullcrap. We were peeved. EB did finally find a cute black skirt though. Then we went back to her apartment and chatted for a while.

Note to self: Develop fault theory.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004
Ok, to continue with the weekend report. July 5 I slept in until like 11:30, then read for a while, then went shopping. I found a great black shirt which I am wearing right now. I restrained myself very well on my shopping adventure. That shirt was the only thing I bought for myself, and even the socks I bought for dh cost more. I wanted to get an FCUK shirt that was at Ross, but it was way too big and I just couldn't justify it. I actually shopped in the women's department. That is a first for me. I found there were better labels in that section, though most of the clothing was HUGE.

That night I hung out at the Johnsons. We played tag, which was actually really fun. I had forgotten. Plus, quite the workout. Ha ha We watched the season finale of For Love or Money, which none of us had seen before, and the dude picked this not-that-cute girl. Maybe it was love, but I have my doubts.

Last night dh and I watched Cold Mountain which was really good. Though I didn't like the ending tons. But it was fascinating. The only look at home life during the Civil War I've seen is Gone with the Wind, not exactly accuracy incarnate. So the glimpse into rural Appalachia during the Civil War was really interesting. I think I'm going to read the book now.

This book I am reading right now, Mirage by Soheir Khashoggi, is quite interesting itself. It's set in Saudi Arabia, and the main character is a very rich lady married, of course, to a psychopath. Okay, apart from the psychopath part, it's good. I never know how accurate descriptions of life in other countries actually are, but Khashoggi's gives a good impression of being accurate. What really gets me is the casual way everyone in the book (and in the Middle East) accepts extreme double standards. For instance, were you aware that under Sharia law, a woman must have four witnesses to bring a rape charge? That makes me sick. Who would stand by while a woman is raped, and then agree to be a witness later? A woman couldn't find one, much less four. But under the same law, a man only needs to display a wife's suspicious pattern of behavior to bring an adultery charge. It's absolutely awful. Sharia is the law in Saudi Arabia. And Iran, too, I believe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004
I love 3-day weekends. So much. Saturday I spent very domestically. I cleaned, laundered, went grocery shopping. I went to the library to pick up two holds (both of which turned out to be duds). I made Spicy Orange Chicken which was delicioso. After dh left for work, I went to the Johnsons'. It was revealed that D took a quiz at work on the emode webpage. Ha ha He didn't like the Heath Ledger screensaver we downloaded. In fact, he deleted it completely. Rude. We did a very short workout and watched 50 First Dates which I thought was only so-so. Or maybe we did that on Friday....yeah that was Friday. Saturday R and I chatted and then spent an hour trying to hook up the VCR (ok, watching D try to hook up the VCR), and then once it was hooked up, decided we would rather do resistance bands. Ha ha It was pretty late by that time, so everything was hilarious.

Church was a struggle the next morning. I almost fell asleep several times during Sharing Time.

That night I went to L & CO's place in S Salem to watch fireworks. (EB & R were there.) She filled me in on some gossip re BC. More later. Have to do some work now... :( Ha ha

Friday, July 2, 2004
When I got home I got started on the yard. I pulled out extra seedlings. The green beans had really taken off. All the corn is finally starting to come up. I think I will plant more of both tomorrow. When I went inside to change into more practical clothing (kinda hard to weed in a skirt), I saw that P had called. Which is ironic since late the night before I thought, I need to call P tomorrow. So I called him on the cell and weeded with my right hand. Because I am just that talented. He is kind of a punk. He says he is going to register as an Independent because he doesn't like the rep that Republicans have. That rep exists because Democrats paint it that way! Doi. Anyway, when I pressed him further, he said because of the Republican stance on marijuana. I'm thinking, maybe he's never heard of McCain or Guiliani. Or freaking Romney for that matter. What the heck. Anyway, he goes to lots of movies with friends because that is the only thing to do in the charming town of Elmira, NY.

Then S, one of my VTs, stopped by to use the phone. She was on her run. She's nice enough. We sympathised about how hard it is to get your butt moving, and then how much you enjoy it once you actually do. Case in point: did not do Tae Bo last night. But I swear on my mother's grave tonight I will do it. I have to, because I feel like a slug. Plus, my butt has gotten somewhat bigger. Some of my pants no longer fit. But I notice all my skirts are fitting better....

Then T called. Talking to him is kind of hard for me, because it's mostly about him. Okay, all about him. I just make rude comments in between. But A is gone, which I admit is a relief, for reasons I will not go into here.

I fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes and then my esposo was home. His overtime shift was with the parole guys. He got to chase down a guy with a warrant. Sometimes I am very jealous. And then I remember the whole people-might-shoot-at-you thing and I am instantly cured. Ha ha

I finished Brick Lane. Final grade: B-. I had to take it down for two reasons, 1) Everyone had depressing, crappy lives. Unrealistic, but so literary. 2) The radical jihadists were painted in a very favorable light. Though by the end of the book, and this is a point for the author, you somehow find yourself liking Chanu. Even though he is incredibly repulsive. He is sweet. I wonder if Monica Ali (the author) had an arranged marriage. I bet she did. She paints "love marriages" in a terrible light. Yeah, because my parents just hate each other now. No, they never dance in the kitchen with no music. Only people who met for the first time on their wedding day could be in love after 24 years. Ha ha Sorry, Monica. Also, she is on crack, because she said something about how much Hindus hate Muslims. Just that. No more. And I was like, Riiiight, because Muslims just want to hold hands with Hindus and be their pals!

Thursday, July 1, 2004
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Thursday, July 1, 2004
It feels like Friday. It's a nice feeling. Not even the fact that it's actually Thursday can bring me down, baby!

I'm going to do Tae Bo tonight. I need to go on the lookout for the Intermediate level tape.

Dh is working an overtime shift today, 1 - 9 pm. He's going to be so exhausted by Monday. I'm going to have to avoid him completely so my head won't get snapped off. Ha ha

The Johnsons stopped by last night, to get The Mexican, we showed them the yard and they were appropriately impressed. Dh got a dig in about D trashing my garden. Which is growing marvelously, by the way!!!!!!!! R invited me to a barbecue at their place on Saturday.

Later, we went to our neighbors' house so I could meet them. Dh knows everyone it seems, because all the action happens during the day while I'm at work. Apparently no one on our street works at all. Ha ha Anyway, H and J. They're both 20. H is an activated Guard, so he's only home for a few weeks, and then it's back to Iraq. They have 2 kids, one of whom H only saw for the first time last week, despite the baby being 2 1/2 months old. That must have been super hard for J. H looks like he is about 12. They are both quite nice. Their friends came over to chill as well while we were there. Before J opened the front door, she turned around and quietly said, "Please don't be offended by these people." And H chimed in, "Yeah." Their friends were kinda WT, but nice enough. It just made me want to laugh. I wanted to ask H about Iraqi feelings on America, but the conversation stayed on more common topics - babies, pets, hunting. This was due in large part to WT friend. Oh well, what are you going to do? AAAHH!! I sound like Chanu!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
I'm worried the dark circles under my eyes are going to become permanent.

I'm not liking the direction this Brick Lane novel is going. Praising jihad, and all that. Look at the bad Americans, putting sanctions on poor innocent Iraq! Let's financially support the righteous jihad in Chechnya! Bullcrap. If this book ends up continuing in this vein, I am going to be forced to reduce its grade drastically.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Sometimes I get sick of all the piddly crap at work. My filing box is overflowing. Who wants to take the time to file it all? I have four petitions to type, and two plans to serve. *sigh*

Fortunately ST is competant to type envelopes (will NOT let MH do it ever again!!!!) so that saves me tons of time. Can't let MH type my envelopes because when I asked her to type some once, there was a spelling error on every other envelope. It was bad. The simplest words were spelled completely wrong. I had to redo half of them, and then what's the point of asking one of the receptionists to do it?

SC has been sniffling all day, and it doesn't sound like allergies. I heard her on the phone talking and I swear it sounded like she was crying. I want to ask if everything's okay, but I don't know...I think I will. The worst she'd do is say, Oh yes, everything's fine.

My eyes hurt. I think being tired is making me grouchy. It's only 2:44..........*death groan*

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner -- B-

I'm reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali right now and it is super good. It is about this girl from Bangladesh who marries a guy 20 years older than herself (arranged marriage) and moves to London, and it's just about her life. She says he is a good husband because he never beats her. Well, what the crap.

I am sad that it is only Tuesday. All in favor of it instantly becoming Thursday? The vote appears to be anonymous. Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
I can't really remember the weekend. That was so long ago. Ha ha When I want to, or don't care, I have the most awful memory. And yet I can remember quasi-useless information I learned ten years ago. Why? Because I want to.

Anyway, dh testified in a sex offense case yesterday that took almost all day. As a result, he got 2 hours of sleep. So he only went to work for about 4 hours, and then was home by 10:30. Cool!

R and I went to Costco, because my membership expires Thursday, and I haven't decided if I want to renew. J dropped her hot dog out of her bun, then she dropped a soda while trying to put it in the trash. We told her, No more carrying! Which upset her for some reason, but too bad. That girl was one disaster after another! Costco took about six times longer than if I had gone by myself. Ha ha I'm going to have to relax to be a mom, I guess. In-and-out is my style, but kids don't seem to comprehend that.

We went to Clean Screen. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that apparently dh & I are in the Top Ten of Frequent Renters. No. 9. But we have only rented 19. Which I guess is kind of a lot. Since it's only been open a few months. Two, I think. But the No. 1 guy has rented 82!!!!!!! I urged the Clean Screen guy to develop a Frequent Renters discount. He said they are considering it.

Dh and I watched Secret Window. It was good. This is a secret, that then I had a dream last night that Johnny Depp was my tutor. I can't remembering what he was tutoring me about, though. Anyway, I came in late to work today because I stayed up really late with my husband. And I didn't even get any! Maybe that's why I had a dream about Johnny Depp. Ha ha Sexual frustration.

Anyway, the kids in my Primary class are really cute. I like it when only 3 of them are there, I'll admit. They call me Teacher. B and L were pretty chill. Even J was not too hyper. Her mom does her hair in adorable little ringlets.

Sunday evening I was privileged to be present while R explained to V (age 6) what the F word meant, and why it was bad. She did very well. Ha ha

And according to BC, EB and I could be twins. Apparently because we both have brown hair and are thin. I'm sorry, but we really look nothing alike. I told dh about it, and he said drolly, What a moron.

Monday, June 21, 2004
I don't know how much I'm really going to be adding today. I'm feeling miserable. Allergies suck!!!!!!!!!! And I never really had them until this year. My eyes are absolutely killing me. That's my major symptom. Painful, painful eyes.

Saturday dh was really grouchy. Annoying. I went shopping with EB and found some great bargains. I found a cool mirror for 10 bucks that requires what I think will be minor repairs. If not, I kept the receipt. Ha ha

Then I hung out at R's that night. Which was fun, until her husband got home. He was SO grouchy! I was like, Big fat H to that. Good thing R is a patient woman.

Sunday: Dh's talk went well, which I was really glad about, because I know he was pretty stressed about it. And he was really nice about the whole garden thing. I sure do love that man. CG came over to VT me. It was mostly gab, with about a three minute lesson. I'm just so glad *wipes a tear* that my VTs know what I really need. Ha ha

I didn't mention Friday. It was really fun, but I will just have to add the details later because my eyes are really hurting. I might go home early today, which is too bad because my hair looks really cute today. I hate a waste of a good hair day.

Friday, June 18, 2004
Yesterday when I got home, dh came around the corner with a dozen roses for me!! They are beautiful. I was so pleased and let him know. He barbecued steak for himself and chicken for me, and it was delicious! He even had Martinelli's! I decided he is the best husband on the planet. And he had cleaned the entire house. Even vacuumed. [Or however you spell it]

I watched Extreme Makeover and he played Risk on the computer. A wonderful night. Ha ha

I'm not going to Chuck E Cheese's tonight, thank goodness. R, MP and I are going to hit La Hacienda Real and the Konditerei. Should be super fun. I'm really glad that MP could come too. I think she and R will get along just peachy.

So apparently in Dallas they do traffic court in a really weird way, because all EB did was tell the court clerks that she was pleading not guilty, and they told her they'd mail her the hearing date. Didn't see a judge at all. EO asked me yesterday how I thought the judge would react to her pleading not guilty. He was like, "He won't be mad, will he?" I told EB that EO may be her legal counsel, but apparently I am his. Ha ha She said what the heck.

The quote contest on the Laura Ingraham show was really funny this morning. George Soros went, "Uh, uh, well, um, er," for about three minutes straight, and Teresa Heinz Kerry said she'd like to be a dog. Take that one as you will.

Thursday, June 17, 2004
Bollocks. I made rolls last night after just having put on lotion, and apparently the lotion flavor baked into the rolls!!!!! Now my crescent rolls taste noticably like Amber Romance! Ha ha

Thursday, June 17, 2004
My email is, in case anyone feels like dropping me a line.

Thursday, June 17, 2004
EB called me last night because her traffic court adventure is today! EO told her to plead not guilty but she still has no idea why. Ha ha She wants me to be her witness at her hearing. I was like, Okay, sounds fun. I have never been a witness before. All I can testify to is that Officer Reed said she could probably take a class instead. But he didn't say she definitely could. Only probably. I am crossing my fingers for her because FREAK it was a big fine. Honestly, though, I think the idea to bring C hungry is not the best, because then she will be crying her head off, and that will just frazzle everyone. I don't think most judges are used to babies crying. In my mind, frazzled judge = no mercy.

So somehow I have been roped into going to Chuck E Cheese's tomorrow with R and the girls. How did this happen? It's seriously been like 12 years.

In this book I am reading, Domestic Tranquility, the author said that when she was a young mother, the people who only talked about work were the most lame. She said a homemaker could do just fine in a convo provided she was moderately well-read and kept up on the news. I remembered an article by a fake stay-at-home mom (like working at home and having a nanny counts. whatever) who said that people dread being next to the stay-at-home mom because she can only talk about her kids. Then I remembered that horrible get-together with the Mormon cops, and how all the men and their scary wives talked about the work the ENTIRE TIME. There was no discussion of anything remotely cerebral. Or interesting. I have concluded that if a stay-at-home mom seems boring it is her own darn fault for only talking about her children. And that fake stay-at-home moms have no business criticising real stay-at-home moms. And that Mormon cops (excluding my dh of course) are freaking scary and should be avoided at all costs. EB is a stay at home mom and honestly C does not come up in convos that often. Politics, yes. Baby, not so much. EB is like one of the few people I know who can discuss politics intelligently.

P is shaping up to be a nice little partisan. I am pleased to report that he is loving Treason. Papa seems to be afraid that we are both turning into rabid right-wingers. But here is where I'm coming from: Liberals often appear to be hard at work attacking the values that are very important to me. Conservatives often appear to be hard at work defending those same values. To me, the choice is simple.

Dh and I planted the beginning of our garden yesterday!!!! We planted two tomato plants. Tonight I am going to do some more planting. Maybe if we have a bunch of vegetables laying around the kitchen, dh will actually eat them. Ha ha Dh is almost done with the yard. I am so impressed. The grass is starting to come in, and I can tell he is so relieved. He stresses about that kind of stuff. Yesterday he spread bark along the sides of the house, with the black mesh stuff underneath. I'm going to plant some flowers too on Saturday, and then between that and the grass and bark, our yard will actually be looking pretty good!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Men and Marriage by George Gilder -- B
Good points, though a little hoky, and I didn't agree with everything he said. Such as: a man's love that leads to marriage stems from a desire to claim his children as his own. I don't think that adequately explains at all why a man marries. Not that I can. I'll have to think about it.

The Case Against Perfection
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
EB and I have decided on our first book for our 2 person book club. We're going to read Rewriting History. I broke down and bought it at Costco. I rationalized the purchase by saying that I would buy it instead of the monthly cd dh thinks we can afford. Ha ha EB got really excited and said she will get it too. I can't wait.
I think K is going to be really disappointed when I quit. And I think he will have a mini stroke, despite his claims about his healthy eating habits. *smirk* But with every passing day, I look forward to my last day more and more. I hate being a widow half of every week!!!!!!!! And I am really looking forward to flexing my homemaking muscles. What a nerd I am! I can't help it and I don't care! Yay for cooking and cleaning and making lovely homes to live in.

Sunday, June 13, 2004
Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.
Church went well today. I kind of like the pandelarium of Primary. The kids in my class are all insane, and it's fun. I also liked when the Spotlight kid started talking about how one of his goldfish died so his dad flushed it down the toilet. All the kids seemed to find that pretty amusing. Who says kids can't handle the subject of death? Ha ha CG sat next to me in Sacrament, and made the occasional amusing, sarcastic comment. I like that girl.

Friday, June 11, 2004
Feminist Fantasies by Phyllis Schlafly -- A
Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Burns -- A-

I am so glad it is Friday. I slept rather poorly last night, and I can't wait to sleep in super late tomorrow!!!!!!! Dh had to get up at 4:30 am, and I think he was trying to be quiet, but he seems to suck at it. Ha ha
SC's daughter is here today and it is a little bit annoying. She was here yesterday too. I hope she doesn't plan on dragging P here everyday this summer. P loves me, which I can't help, I'm just so darn lovable, but I do have work to do today. Or at least my blog to update. Lol

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Well, what do you know, it did work. That's fabulous. Because the long run-on paragraphs were starting to get to me.
I only have about 30 pages left in Cold Sassy Tree. Too bad my lunch break ended right when I reached a really climatic point.
Tonight I am just going to relax. Dh and I will watch Last of the Mohicans and I will finish Cold Sassy. And eat the rest of my Pringles! YAY for trans fat! Ha ha Seriously, why did K have to go and tell me about that?! Now I am paranoid and keep looking at food labels. What I should do tonight is make myself some spanish rice for work tomorrow. If I make food myself, at least I'll know what's in it.

Thursday, June 10, 2004
I am experimenting with html
Is this going to work?
Or will I scream?

Thursday, June 10, 2004
KT inspired me, so here I am. The prodigal blogger. Right now I'm listening to 7 Year Itch, trying to convince myself to get to work. Since I'm typing this instead, obviously I am currently unsuccessful. I suddenly am industriously working every time I sense a person coming near me. I am pretty good. I have only been caught a couple of times. A few days ago, I got caught looking at Horchow wall decor. Embarrasado!!!
I enjoy speaking in Spanglish. I am well aware my grammar is awful. Do not bother telling me. Which reminds me, I need to sign up for a Spanish class this fall.
Right now I am reading Cold Sassy Tree. A few days ago, I read the part where Blakeslee tells Miss Love how long he's loved her, and it made me sick. I hope Miss Love never gives him any. I don't particularly like Blakeslee. I do like the main character Will Tweedy. I am glad Burns made him old enough to be believeable. It really irks me when authors have the narrator be some 9 year old kid who talks like he's 30. So annoyingly precocious.
Last night we saw Harry Potter with R. I like going to the movies with her, because we made little comments to each other through the whole thing (veeeery quietly of course). Dh always acts annoyed when I do that to him. Ha ha There was this incredibly annoying mom there, who seemed to feel it was her job to loudly narrate the movie to her 3 year old. Why she brought a three year old to the movies is beyond me, but she couldn't get anything right. She called the werewolf a coyote for heavens sake. Grrr. R was really ready to burst, because the lady was closest to her. I kept looking back at them pointedly, maybe they figured it out, I don't know, but they stopped not long after that, with only one relapse.
On the way home, dh and I talked about how the kids in the movie are growing up. In this movie, Harry Ron & Hermione no longer looked like children, but like teens. The boys voices are deeper and Hermione is starting to get curves. It was cute.

Monday, February 2, 2004
Le Divorce -- D
Uptown Girls -- D+
Mayada, Daughter of Iraq, by Jean Sasson -- A-
The Abolition of Man, by C.S. Lewis -- A-

Wednesday, January 28, 2004
So as of yesterday I am no longer filing Washington Ch 7s. I will continue doing the 13s, and do more of the unfair debt collections and void liens. Which is fine with me. UDC is more interesting than Chapter 7s anyway. Plus I get to hear about all the outrageous things creditors do. I will miss the brain dead state I can maintain while typing up a Ch 7 petition, though. I actually have to be alert to type an UDC complaint.

Last night I hung out with R. We tried to download a Heath Ledger screensaver to piss D off, but the download never started and we got tired of waiting. I think D's double standard is funny, because I have the same problem. Ha ha Sounds like KT's bf does too.

I am excited for dh to come home. I sure miss that boy.

Human for Sale
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
I am worth exactly: $1,942,060.00. Not bad.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004
It looks as though you're just a little Fudged in the Head
'Fudged in the Head' PLEASE VOTE!!!

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Friday, January 23, 2004
Poor dh. He didn't get the truck unstuck until 4 a.m. But thank goodness for his 4wheeling friends.

MH gave me two cute pairs of pants this morning. Which I cannot wait to wear.

RB's plan to cut costs in Oregon is to deny OHP to everyone who smokes or is obese. The idea does have a certain appeal...Insurance companies are more reluctant to take on smokers, why can't OHP adopt a similar position?

KT is leaving right now to hang out with her mom who is in town visiting. That just really makes me want to not work!!!!!!

I finished Savage Nation last night. While I agreed with many of the things Savage said, I have several complaints against it. He stirs the reader up, gets them angry, then leaves them hanging. Rants that we have to stop the breakdown of the family, the voter fraud, and liberal bias of the media. However, he gives not a single suggestion of how to do so. How am I supposed to change the media bias? All I know to do is raise a family that has values. Most people are like me. As ideal as it would be for us to all quit our jobs and become conservative lobbyists, it's just not practical. He leaves the reader with plenty of anger, and nowhere to go with it. It left me feeling very unsatisfied. At least that Tammy Bruce book gave concrete suggestions (like financially support the Boy Scouts). Another problem I had with The Savage Nation is that it offered very few facts. High on rants, low on data. He rarely backed up any of his claims. I give it a B-.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
Dh got the truck stuck today out in BFE which I was really mad about at first. I ranted to EB about it. I was so annoyed at the idea of us having to sink a bunch of money into something that could have been avoided if he weren't driving around in the snow like a maniac. By the time he actually got home I was fine, of course. And he and TN complimented my potato soup. Compliments are the way to my heart. I could tell dh was really upset and embarrassed about the whole thing anyway, so I went easy on him. He is going to be teased about this at work *tons* I know. I did wrangle a promise from him to clean up everything around the apartment tomorrow. I'm tricksy.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
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Bride & Prejudice
Thursday, January 22, 2004
I just found out that Gurinder Chaddha is filming another movie, Bride & Prejudice. Totally excited for it. I love Austen & Chaddha, so how perfect is that? Should be coming out this summer. It's starring that girl Ash Rai, whom Hello voted most beautiful woman of 2003. Anyway, I'm actually listening to the Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack right now. Yay.

I Dream a Dream
Thursday, January 22, 2004
This webpage has good quizzes, which I am always in quest of. She made them herself. But her politics are whacked. I just want you to know that the only part of this page I endorse are her quizzes.

The Drudge Report
Thursday, January 22, 2004
This website is invaluable.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
I figured out how to change the name of my page. Now I am trying to change the background. The templates are weird.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
This is my first entry.

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